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Re: Several debconf translations still missing for Spanish...

Thanks for the poke. I agree the list has been quite silent lately, (as well
as my contributions) Don't suffer :) expect some noise starting tomorrow.


On 06/16/2012 05:55 PM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
Here is the current status of debconf translations missing for your
language at this very moment in wheezy, and for which no activity
seems visible in the debian-l10n-spanish mailing list.

condor (35 strings) ITT on 20/5. Nothing since then
fontconfig (1 string) ITT on 21/5. Nothing since then
icinge (13 strings) NO ACTION
ledgersmb (6 strings) NO ACTION
mysql-5.5 (2 strings) NO ACTION
ngix (2 strings) RFR on 4/6, prodded on 16/6
phpldapadmin (22 strings)
postfix (5 strings) NO ACTION

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