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Several debconf translations still missing for Spanish...

Here is the current status of debconf translations missing for your
language at this very moment in wheezy, and for which no activity
seems visible in the debian-l10n-spanish mailing list.

condor (35 strings) ITT on 20/5. Nothing since then
fontconfig (1 string) ITT on 21/5. Nothing since then
icinge (13 strings) NO ACTION
ledgersmb (6 strings) NO ACTION
mysql-5.5 (2 strings) NO ACTION
ngix (2 strings) RFR on 4/6, prodded on 16/6
phpldapadmin (22 strings)
postfix (5 strings) NO ACTION                                                                                                    

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Christian Perrier
Service informatique individuelle et départementale
Direction des Réseaux et de l'Informatique

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