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Re: Your translation in debian-installer

El sáb, 13-03-2004 a las 13:47, Dennis Stampfer escribió:
> Hey Ruben,
> On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 10:37:28AM +0100, Ruben Porras wrote:
> > aptitude/po/es.po: 575t31f18u [Rubén Porras Campo]
> > 
> > #234537 will fix this, leaving the po with only one fuzzy entry.

> Is that leaving-fuzzy one that hard to translate? (I know, there are
> some strings that are really bad to translate)

It seems difficult to me, indeed, the maintainer had put the following
#. I hope this is ok for the translators :-/ --

Last time I send the po for revision to this list nobody suggest
anything, so I leave the entry as fuzzy.


Thanks for your detailed explanation, good to know that last time I
review all the po file I worked twice as necessary :(

> The fuzzy one in apt is:
>   #: apt-pkg/init.cc:135
>   #, fuzzy
>   msgid "Unable to determine a suitable packaging system type"
>   msgstr "No se pudo determinar un tipo de sistema adecuado"

Fixed in #237863.


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