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Re: Your translation in debian-installer

El vie, 12-03-2004 a las 21:47, Dennis Stampfer escribió:
> Hello,
> you are receiving this mail, because you translated file(s) in a package
> which is used by debian-installer. However, your translation is not
> up-to-date anymore. 
> If you are still interested in translation, please go to
>   http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/2nd-stage/
> ...and look into <lang>.txt, (where <lang> is your language :)) and translate
> the file. 

aptitude/po/es.po: 575t31f18u [Rubén Porras Campo]

#234537 will fix this, leaving the po with only one fuzzy entry.

apt/po/es.po: 285t1f0u [Rubén Porras Campo]

I think this is wrong because the apt-0.5.23/po/es.po has the following
statistics, 455t0f0u

> To get the debian-installer 100% in your language, you also have to translate
> the files listed here:
>   http://people.debian.org/~barbier/debian-installer/l10n/
> If a translation-team for your language exists, please coordinate with
> them.
> Sorry, if you already know about your translation. This is a auto-generated
> email. You will receive it only once.
> Thank you,
> Dennis Stampfer

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