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Updating dpkg man page translation?

Hello Yuri,
your translation of the man pages for dpkg is quite outdated[1].
Recently a "soft" string freezy was declared and as we are early in
the release cycle, it's an ideal time to update the man pages.

For more information on the translation of dpkg please see
and especially on the git usage:

If you need more help do not hesitate to ask on 

[1] The following pages currently are not build because too few strings
    are translated:
    deb.5, deb-control.5, deb-src-control.5, deb-split.5, deb-version.5
    deb-old.5, deb-override.5, deb-extra-override.5, deb-shlibs.5
    deb-substvars.5, deb-symbols.5, deb-triggers.5, dpkg.1, dpkg-architecture.1
    dpkg.cfg.5, dpkg-buildflags.1, dpkg-buildpackage.1, dpkg-checkbuilddeps.1
    dpkg-distaddfile.1, dpkg-deb.1, dpkg-divert.8, dpkg-genchanges.1
    dpkg-gencontrol.1, dpkg-gensymbols.1, dpkg-maintscript-helper.1
    dpkg-mergechangelogs.1, dpkg-name.1, dpkg-parsechangelog.1, dpkg-query.1
    dpkg-scanpackages.1, dpkg-scansources.1, dpkg-shlibdeps.1, dpkg-source.1
    dpkg-split.1, dpkg-statoverride.8, dpkg-trigger.1, dpkg-vendor.1, dselect.1
    dselect.cfg.5, start-stop-daemon.8, update-alternatives.8

    The overall statistics is:

    The last (to me visible) update was before the introduction of git (2007)
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