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Re: Bug#491424: Updated debconf PO Russian translation

Quoting Sergei Golovan (sgolovan@nes.ru):
> On 7/19/08, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> >
> >  At least is, as the former translator, the package maintainer *and* a
> >  Russian native spearker, you have issues you'd like to discuss, I
> >  would suggest to to explicitely mention them.
> There are two issues where I definitely don't agree with Sergey and
> one discussable issue:

That's perfect, Sergeï(s)....

I certainly don't have the expertise in Russian to decide who of you
guys is correct (as I said, my Russian is....a shame for someone who
studied it for 7 years.....)....but what I wanted is you to explain
why you have criticisms....which you did. I don't doubt you'll be able
to sort out these issues and come up with the best Russian translation
possible, so cheers.....even if I don't have vodka handy....:-)

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