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Re: Bug#491424: Updated debconf PO Russian translation

Quoting Sergei Golovan (sgolovan@nes.ru):
> On 7/19/08, Sergey Alyoshin <alyoshin.s@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Package: ejabberd
> >  Version: 2.0.1-2.1
> >  Priority: wishlist
> >  Tags: l10n patch
> I would say that your translation is worse that the old one. So, I'll
> take only parts of it (removing all "Пожалуйста", adding comma after
> "например", and clarifying lowercase hostname). Thank you for the
> suggestions!

Ah, we're hitting the very famous case of "maintainer was the former
translator and does not agree with an l10n team work"....I already had
the same with French..:-)

Please take into account the fact that Sergei Alyoshin works along
with the Russian l10n team so his translation is in general
consistency with the work they're doing for other packages.

At least is, as the former translator, the package maintainer *and* a
Russian native spearker, you have issues you'd like to discuss, I
would suggest to to explicitely mention them.

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