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Re: Bug#491424: Updated debconf PO Russian translation

On 7/19/08, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
>  At least is, as the former translator, the package maintainer *and* a
>  Russian native spearker, you have issues you'd like to discuss, I
>  would suggest to to explicitely mention them.

There are two issues where I definitely don't agree with Sergey and
one discussable issue:

1) "подключаться к нему от любого Jabber-клиента" is simply incorrect
Russian. There might be "подключаться к нему любым Jabber-клиентом",
"подключаться к нему с помощью любого Jabber-клиента", but even better
to drop the word "любой" (using implicit quantor).

2) "веб-интерфейс администратора" adds an additional word "веб" which
wasn't present in an original sentense. (Moreover, I would use the
word "веб" with caution as it's a simple transliteration from English

3) "Имя учётной записи администратора для ejabberd:" is a bit more
accurate translation of "The username of an admin account for
ejabberd:" than "Имя учётной записи администратора ejabberd:", but I
still prefer the latter. (May be because the original phrase isn't
very good as well.)

You will find the current Russian translation at

Sergei Golovan

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