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Re: Wrong country translation. Please fix.

On Mar 18, 2005 at 11:50:18PM +0300, Ruslan Batdalov wrote:

> AD> BY (Беларусь)
> AD> BY (Белоруссия)
>  I am strongly against it. Беларусь is in Belarusian, but in Russian
> it is Белоруссия. It is quite similar to the fact that Россия is not
> Россия in other languages but Russia, Russland, Русия and so on. There
> is nothing offensive in it.

According to http://www.foreignword.com/countries/Belarus.htm you are
wrong. Also look into the iso-codes package: I remember using the official
countries' names' translation list to make the russian translation.

Nikolai Prokoschenko 
nikolai@prokoschenko.de / Jabber: pronik@jabber.org

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