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Re: Tux Paint Romanian

On Lu, 09 iun 14, 05:23:39, Brăduţ Boghiţă wrote:
> I can give it a go,  could someone please remind me the process for
> contributing translations? (it's been a while...)

Load the .po file Joe posted in your favorite po editor and deal with 
all missing and fuzzy translations. Reviewing the other strings is also 
highly recommended. If you want a second pair of eyes looking over it 
feel free to contact me (directly or via debian-l10n-romanian). When 
done send the file to Joe.

For questions of any kind contact me or the Diacritice group at Google 
Groups. As far as I can tell at least a few subscribers will be glad to 
help if they can (e.g. Cristian Secară has translated Gimp).

Have fun,

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