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Re: Tux Paint Romanian

On Du, 08 iun 14, 18:56:59, Joe Dalton wrote:
> Hi Hodorog,
JFYI, his first name is most probably Andrei (though I can't be 100% 
sure myself).

> You have previously helped Tux Paint with a translation for Romanian 
> (ro). Tux Paint is preparing a new version and strings has 
> changed/been added to the program and we hope we can use your skills 
> once more.
> The stats for Tux Paint is for Romanian (ro):
> 266 translated
> 21 fuzzy
> 4 untranslated

This doesn't look like much work, but a quick look through the strings 
reveals that a complete review would be recommended.

@Andrei: at a minimum please use șț (comma below) instead of şţ (cedilla 
below). If you need help with this don't hesitate to ask, the 
search-replace won't take more than a few minutes.

> I have attached an updated po file, which you can translate and return 
> to me or even better to the mailing list: 
> tuxpaint-i18n@lists.sourceforge.net.
> If the time and the desire is not there at the moment, we hope you can 
> guide us to any translation groups for Romanian (ro), which we can 
> contact and ask for help.

I might look into it, though translating programs is not necessarily my 
thing (debian-installer being the exception, since no one else would 
take it). Is there a deadline?

Kind regards,

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