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Bug#403595: gnome-session: please ship Etch with the attached translation

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Package: gnome-session
Tags: l10n, patch
Severity: minor

Hello Josselin,

The attached po file is a corrected translation into Romanian of the gnome-session application.
The original translation Sebastian Ivan <sebastian.ivan@ubuntu.ro> introduced lots of errors and

Please include this translation in the package that will be shipped in Etch.

Thanks in advance.

- --
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)

# Sebastian Ivan <sebastian.ivan@ubuntu.ro>, 2006.
# Eddy PetriÈ?or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>, 2006.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnome-session-2.0\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-03-09 06:43+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-12-18 09:57+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Eddy PetriÈ?or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Romanian <debian-l10n-romanian@lists.debian.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=3;plural=(n==1?0:(((n%100>19)||((n%100==0)&&(n!=0)))?2:1))\n"

msgid ""
"GNOME will still try to restart the Settings Daemon next time you log in."
msgstr ""
"GNOME va încerca sÄ? reporneascÄ? demonul preferinÅ£elor la urmÄ?toarea autentificare."

msgid ""
"The last error message was:\n"
msgstr ""
"Ultimul mesaj de eroare a fost:\n"

msgid "A normal member of the session."
msgstr "Un membru normal al sesiunii."

msgid "A session shutdown is in progress."
msgstr "Chiar acum se efectueazÄ? o oprire a sesiunii."

msgid "Action"
msgstr "Acţiune"

msgid "Add Startup Program"
msgstr "AdaugÄ? un program de pornit"

msgid "Add a new session"
msgstr "AdaugÄ? o nouÄ? sesiune"

msgid "Additional startup _programs:"
msgstr "_Programe suplimetare de pornit:"

msgid "Allow TCP connections"
msgstr "Permite conexiuni TCP"

msgid "Always started on every login."
msgstr "Totdeauna pornite la fiecare autentificare."

msgid "Apply changes to the current session"
msgstr "AplicÄ? schimbÄ?rile la sesiunea curentÄ?"

msgid "Are you sure you want to log out?"
msgstr "Sigur doriÅ£i sÄ? vÄ? deautentificaÅ£i?"

msgid "As_k on logout"
msgstr "Ã?_ntreabÄ? la deautentificare"

msgid "Automatically save chan_ges to session"
msgstr "SalveazÄ? automat schim_bÄ?rile la sesiune"

msgid "Command"
msgstr "ComandÄ?"

msgid "Configure your sessions"
msgstr "Configuraţi sesiunile proprii"

msgid "Could not connect to the session manager"
msgstr "Nu s-a putut realiza conectarea la administratorul de sesiuni"

msgid ""
"Could not look up internet address for %s.\n"
"This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly.\n"
"It may be possible to correct the problem by adding\n"
"%s to the file /etc/hosts."
msgstr ""
"Nu s-a putut gÄ?si adresa Internet pentru %s.\n"
"AceastÄ? eroare va împiedica GNOME sÄ? opereze corect.\n"
"Este posibilÄ? corectarea problemei prin adÄ?ugarea\n"
"%s la fiÅ?ierul /etc/hosts."

msgid "Current Session"
msgstr "Sesiune curentÄ?"

msgid "Currently running _programs:"
msgstr "_Programele pornite acum:"

msgid "Desktop Settings"
msgstr "Preferinţe desktop"

msgid "Disable"
msgstr "DezactiveazÄ?"

msgid "Discarded on logout and can die."
msgstr "Uitate la deautentificare Å?i pot muri."

msgid "Edit Startup Program"
msgstr "Editare program de pornit"

msgid "Edit session name"
msgstr "Schimbaţi numele sesiunii"

msgid "Enable"
msgstr "ActiveazÄ?"

msgid ""
"For security reasons, on platforms which have _IceTcpTransNoListen() "
"(XFree86 systems), gnome-session does not listen for connections on TCP "
"ports. This option will allow connections from (authorized) remote hosts. "
"gnome-session must be restarted for this to take effect."
msgstr ""
"Din motive de securitate, pe platformele ce suportÄ? â??_IceTcpTransNoListen"
"()â?? (sistemele XFree86), gnome-session nu monitorizeazÄ? porturile pentru "
"conexiuni TCP. AceastÄ? opÅ£iune permite conexiuni (autorizate) de la calculatoare "
"de la distanÅ£Ä?. Gnome-session trebuie repornit pentru ca schimbarea acestei opÅ£iuni sÄ? aibÄ? efect."

msgid "If enabled, gnome-session will prompt the user before ending a session."
msgstr ""
"La activare, gnome-session va întreba utilizatorul înainte de terminarea "

msgid ""
"If enabled, gnome-session will save the session automatically. Otherwise, "
"the logout dialog will have an option to save the session."
msgstr ""
"La activare, gnome-session va salva sesiunea automat. Altfel, dialogul de "
"deautentificare va avea o opţiune pentru salvarea sesiunii."

msgid "Inactive"
msgstr "Inactiv"

msgid "Initialize session settings"
msgstr "IniÅ£ializeazÄ? preferinÅ£ele sesiunii"

msgid "Kill session"
msgstr "�nchide forţat sesiunea"

msgid "Log in Anyway"
msgstr "Autentificare chiar Å?i aÅ?a"

msgid "Logout prompt"
msgstr "Ã?ntreabÄ? la deautentificare"

msgid "Metacity Window Manager"
msgstr "Administratorul de ferestre Metacity"

msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to die (0=forever)"
msgstr "Timp în milisecunde petrecut aÅ?teptând clienÅ£ii sÄ? moarÄ? (0 = nelimitat)"

msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to register (0=forever)"
msgstr ""
"Timp în milisecunde petrecut aÅ?teptând clienÅ£ii sÄ? se înregistreze (0 = "

msgid "Millisecond period spent waiting for clients to respond (0=forever)"
msgstr "Timp în milisecunde petrecut aÅ?teptând clienÅ£ii sÄ? rÄ?spundÄ? (0 = nelimitat)"

msgid "Nautilus"
msgstr "Nautilus"

msgid "Never allowed to die."
msgstr "Nu i se permite sÄ? moarÄ?."

msgid "No response to the %s command."
msgstr "Nici un rÄ?spuns la comanda %s."

msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normal"

msgid "Only read saved sessions from the default.session file"
msgstr "CiteÅ?te numai sesiunile salvate în fiÅ?ierul default.session"

msgid "Order"
msgstr "Ordine"

msgid "Preferred Image to use for login splash screen"
msgstr "Imaginea preferatÄ? la autentificare"

msgid "Program"
msgstr "Program"

msgid "Remove the currently selected client from the session."
msgstr "EliminÄ? clientul selectat din sesiune."

msgid "Restart"
msgstr "De repornit"

msgid "Restart abandoned due to failures."
msgstr "Repornire abandonatÄ? datoritÄ? unor eÅ?ecuri."

msgid "Running"
msgstr "Pornit"

msgid "Save sessions"
msgstr "SalveazÄ? sesiunile"

msgid "Saving"
msgstr "Se salvezÄ?"

msgid "Saving session details."
msgstr "Se salveazÄ? detaliile sesiunii."

msgid "Sawfish Window Manager"
msgstr "Administratorul de ferestre Sawfish"

msgid "Selected option in the log out dialog"
msgstr "OpÅ£iunea selectatÄ? în dialogul de deautentificare"

msgid "Session Name"
msgstr "Numele sesiunii"

msgid "Session Options"
msgstr "Opţiuni pentru sesiune"

msgid "Sessions"
msgstr "Sesiuni"

msgid "Set the current session"
msgstr "ConfiguraÅ£i sesiunea curentÄ?"

msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Preferinţe"

msgid "Sh_ut down"
msgstr "O_preÅ?te calculatorul"

msgid "Show splash screen on _login"
msgstr "A_ratÄ? imaginea de pornire la autentificare"

msgid "Show the splash screen"
msgstr "AratÄ? imaginea de pornire"

msgid "Show the splash screen when the session starts up"
msgstr "AratÄ? imaginea de pornire la intrarea în sesiune"

msgid ""
"Some changes are not saved.\n"
"Is it still OK to exit?"
msgstr ""
"Unele schimbÄ?ri nu sunt salvate.\n"
"DoriÅ£i sÄ? ieÅ?iÅ£i chiar Å?i aÅ?a?"

msgid "Specify a session name to load"
msgstr "PrecizaÅ£i un nume de sesiune de încÄ?rcat"

msgid "Started but has not yet reported state."
msgstr "Pornit, dar nu a raportat încÄ? starea."

msgid "Starting"
msgstr "PorneÅ?te"

msgid "Startup Command"
msgstr "ComandÄ? de pornire"

msgid "Startup Programs"
msgstr "Programe de pornit"

msgid "State"
msgstr "Stare"

msgid "State not reported within timeout."
msgstr "Starea nu a fost raportatÄ? în timpul alocat."

msgid "Style"
msgstr "Stil"

msgid "The Panel"
msgstr "Panoul"

msgid "The Settings Daemon restarted too many times."
msgstr "Demonul preferinţelor a fost repornit de prea multe ori."

msgid "The list of programs in the session."
msgstr "Lista programelor din sesiune."

msgid "The order in which applications are started in the session."
msgstr "Ordinea în care aplicaţiile sunt pornite în sesiune."

msgid "The program may be slow, stopped or broken."
msgstr "Programul ar putea fi lent, oprit sau defect."

msgid "The session name already exists"
msgstr "Numele de sesiune existÄ? deja"

msgid "The session name cannot be empty"
msgstr "Numele de sesiune nu poate fi nul"

msgid "The startup command cannot be empty"
msgstr "Comanda de pornire nu poate fi nulÄ?"

msgid ""
"There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.\n"
"Some things, such as themes, sounds, or background settings may not work "
msgstr ""
"S-a produs o eroare la pornirea demonului preferinţelor GNOME.\n"
"Unele preferinţe, precum cele privind temele, sunetele sau fundalul s-ar putea "
"sÄ? nu funcÅ£ioneze corect."

msgid "There was an unknown activation error."
msgstr "S-a produs o eroare necunoscutÄ? la activare."

msgid ""
"This is a relative path value based off the $datadir/pixmaps/ directory. Sub-"
"directories and image names are valid values. Changing this value will "
"effect the next session login."
msgstr ""
"Aceasta este o cale relativÄ? bazatÄ? pe directorul $datadir/pixmaps/. Numele de "
"subdirectoare Å?i de imagini sunt valori valide. Efectul modificÄ?rii acestei valori va fi vizibil la pornirea urmÄ?toarei sesiuni."

msgid ""
"This is the option that will be selected in the logout dialog, valid values "
"are \"logout\" for logging out, \"shutdown\" for halting the system and "
"\"restart\" for restarting the system."
msgstr ""
"Aceasta este opÅ£iunea care va fi selectatÄ? în dialogul de deautentificare, "
"valorile valide sunt â??deautentificareâ?? pentru ieÅ?ire, â??oprireâ?? pentru "
"oprirea sistemului Å?i â??repornireâ?? pentru repornirea sistemului."

msgid "Trash"
msgstr "De Å?ters"

msgid "Try Again"
msgstr "Ã?ncearcÄ? din nou"

msgid "Unaffected by logouts but can die."
msgstr "Neafectate de deautentificÄ?ri, dar pot muri."

msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Necunoscut"

msgid "Use dialog boxes"
msgstr "UtilizeazÄ? ferestre de dialog"

msgid "Wait abandoned due to conflict."
msgstr "AÅ?teptare abandonatÄ? datoritÄ? unui conflict."

msgid "Waiting to start or already finished."
msgstr "AÅ?teaptÄ? sÄ? porneascÄ? sau deja terminat."

msgid "What happens to the application when it exits."
msgstr "Ce se întâmplÄ? când aplicaÅ£ia se terminÄ?."

msgid "Window Manager"
msgstr "Administrator de ferestre"

msgid "You may wait for it to respond or remove it."
msgstr "PuteÅ£i aÅ?tepta sÄ? rÄ?spundÄ? sau puteÅ£i sÄ?-l eliminaÅ£i."

msgid "Your session has been saved"
msgstr "Sesiunea v-a fost salvatÄ?"

msgid "_Edit"
msgstr "Sc_himbÄ?"

msgid "_Log out"
msgstr "_Deautentificare"

msgid "_Order:"
msgstr "Or_dine:"

msgid "_Restart the computer"
msgstr "R_eporneÅ?te calculatorul"

msgid "_Save current setup"
msgstr "_SalveazÄ? preferinÅ£ele actuale"

msgid "_Sessions:"
msgstr "_Sesiuni:"

msgid "_Startup Command:"
msgstr "_ComandÄ? de pornire:"

msgid "_Style:"
msgstr "_Stil:"

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