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Re: Bug#379572: Fwd: Bug#379572: http://www.debian.org/international/Romanian should mention the Debian L10N Romanian team wiki page

El viernes, 25 de agosto de 2006 01:27, Eddy Petrişor escribió:
> I am sorry to bother you again, but I have some corrections and
> additions to this page since the first version was a fast mockup and I
> forgot to add a new resource which aims at centralise the coordination
> of all Romanian localisation efforts. See attachment (I have removed
> boldification and capitalisation for tags).

	No problem, Eddy.  I have committed your changes, sorry for the delay (I had 
a lot of pending e-mail).

	By the way, please leave 379572@bugs.debian.org out from your mails, as it is 
the associated bug address, already closed.  If you want that we make some 
changes, either send a message to d-w (here) or open a bug if you feel so.

> I also have a question, shouldn't this filed be changed?
> #use wml::debian::translation-check original="romanian" translation="1.24"
> The Romanian translation is outdated in regard to the new page and I
> suspect this to be the cause.

	What do you mean by 'outdated'?  That header states that the original page is 
not the English but the Romanian one, and it lists the version which is the 
translation of (sorry if I wrote this last sentence in bad English).

	I mean, the intended workflow should be something like:

- Modify romanian/international/romanian.  It will become version 1.25 and 
- Apply those fixes to english/international/Romanian.  While at it, change 
the translation-check header, because if you do not make so, the English page 
will tell something like 'This page is outdated'.

	I hope being clear.

	Best regards,

Mr. Anderson! Welcome back, we missed you.
		-- Agent Smith (Matrix Revolutions).
Desarrollador de Debian
Debian developer

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