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Re: Bug#379572: Fwd: Bug#379572: http://www.debian.org/international/Romanian should mention the Debian L10N Romanian team wiki page

On 03/08/06, David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org> wrote:
> Since no real objections to the new content appeared on the list
> (,although there were for the wiki page :-) , I see no problem with
> it. But, if you would like to, please remove boldification around the
> rlug link. The community around it is not too active around free
> software contribution, but only around using it, while we would like
> to gather more people around contribution, especially translations.

        Sorry, Eddy.  I forgot to commit your change. O:-)
No problem.

        I took the liberty to lowercase all HTML tags as well.  I hope that will not
be a problem.  I also removed the boldification.

Ok, thanks, I didn't change captitalisation as I saw that was the
original way it was written and I didn't  want to do intrusive changes
(weeeell, as less intrusive as possible, taking into account the
original issue).

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