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Re: Romanian sarge announcement translation

On  6-06-2005, at 15h 46'40", Martin Schulze wrote about "Re: Romanian sarge announcement translation"
> Dan Damian wrote:
> > I've attached the Romanian translation of the sarge announcement. Please
> > find it a nice home :)
> I cannot handle text versions of translations.
> Please coordinate with
> Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă <I.M.Ciobica@tue.nl>, Aurelian Melinte <amelinte@alis.com>
> who maintain the website translation.
> If none of you is around tonight, I can commit the translated wml file
> for you, but for that .../romanian/News/2005/{Makefile,index.wml} needs
> to exist first.  I'm attaching the English wml file for completeness.
> Regards,
> 	Joey
Thank you Joey,

I will look into it in few hours. Thank you Dan for the translation.
I will commit it once I will put it into the right template.
BTW your e-mail claims that the attachment is UTF-8 but in fact it is
iso8859-x. I am going to use the Romanian quotations instead of the 
`` and ''.

Ionel Mugurel

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