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Re: translation update needed in website pages

Hello Francesca,

not sure if I understood the right page to be updated.
If possible send us a link in order to do the work.



2011/2/3 Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it>:
> [please CC me as I'm not subscribed]
> Hi,
> My name is Francesca Ciceri and I'm a member of the Debian Website Team.
> As you have probably noticed, we are working on a major change of the layout
> of the website to be happened this weekend.
> And, as you certainly known, this weekend will be the Squeeze release weekend.
> Currently I'm adapting to the new style the pages of the Debian-Installer,
> that are very important pages, cause people can download from there the
> installer images.
> But I have a problem: the portuguese page is quite outdated as it refers as Etch
> as our Stable release.
> Could you please update it and also take care of the other outdated pages?
> Many thank you,
> Francesca
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> oFBoQBnSW7AZFXfefUB79lhkEGmalpc1ltD98npRpWnI3eQ1j2asNZSMtn5eKJqe
> 7tlwz6e6C7B4Sbmin89NrDdrXssBa3nl8MoaiXXBlZF/zrtBdCJ1vEV0LcWIctrv
> qt7S2MkE8f2qTfemz+MuJ8rdyg0SSMU8dYSdH2wHrF4YG2xboEeAsOVlxLq8Heqj
> 7QzYIu8vTlGnac9jkQPOW9++KzjsnkNNdcQnXmTRRoVYDw1EauqhB9nAezcwyiDY
> XzhAsUMv60p2Y/vzMoq0+nkLq9xrMyqA3MfRq2HZsYorMnYagEaMK7Kg1d7n5hiT
> SkgK0AUGSPUKGM+kfVY7sEnUDrb5RLhp7P/wY9OScRup5h9VvDEzUbsvVuEab7uw
> 8SIw9/o+V4NLZe2GjdxQ/vR5tBg+wtL/QH0ECJ8SyccKTHs35wFJ5oj8Gf8gVNgw
> 2Pb7dFsIJB/VOSMBVq/Cx/dvqYafmHIMwet+tB1RUph6GBcvwBR6VoWhZFqthtRB
> 7JHM5EZiMsgdOejW+1ip

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