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Re: Bug#574149: krb5: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation

On 2010-03-16 19:05 +0100, Eder L. Marques wrote:

> Eder L. Marques escreveu:
>> package: backup-manager
>> Tags: l10n patch
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Hello,
>> Please, Could you update the Brazilian Portuguese Translation?
>> Attached you will find the file pt_BR.po. It is UTF-8 encoded and it is
> Please,
> Use this version instead of the previous one.
> I updated with the last version of the pot file.
> Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

I am afraid you reported this bug against the wrong package, since your
pt_BR.po file contains a translation apparently meant for the krb5


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