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Re: debconf PO translations for the package schroot

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[ Dropping debian-i18n ]

On 10/07/2006 08:16 PM, Andre Luis Lopes wrote:
>>>>luk@debian.org escreveu:
>>>>>>If you have read so far, please find the POT file in attachement.
>>>>   Do you have a deadline for submiting new translations ? I would like
>>>>to do the Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation but I'm afraid I
>>>>won't be able to do it before the weekend as I have a week full of work
>>>>to do currently.
>>>No, there is no dealine. Though to have it in etch it must be before the
>>>freeze or be accepted during the freeze (which is very likely). This gives you
>>>time till roughly mid november :-)
>>>>   If it's ok to send translations and it would get included in a
>>>>possible later release let me know.
>>>So, yes, it's ok to send it later on.
>    Ok, as promised, attached you'll find the Brazilian Portuguese
> (pt_BR) translation for schroot.

	Hey, this is a QA review. Attached you will find the diff
from the last translation sent (just for reference) and an entire
new po file (pt_BR.po.gz) with the typo fixes.

	Kind regards,
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