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Re: List of possible XkbModel entries per locale

I'd like to point out (add to wishlist) that "win keys" are not enabled by default and it would be nice if they were. Some programs do use them (amarok, if I'm not mistaken) as alt keys.

Maybe this should go to XFree86 team.


Andre Luis Lopes wrote:

'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBModel => 'abnt2' },


'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'us_intl', XKBModel => 'pc104' }

'pt_BR'        => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBOPTIONS => '', XKBMODEL => 'pc104', XKBVARIANT => 'abnt2' },

Since I am not really an expert in international keyboard layouts, which one should I include?
(I can only include one per locale though)

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