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Re: Translation plans

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 06:55:31PM +0000, Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> The Sun GNOME documentation team has had a few inquiries in the 
> last week about Sun's translation plans. So this is just to let 
> you know what the plans are.
> Sun is translating the following books into the "Big Rules" 
> langs (de, es, fr, it, sv, ko, ja, zh_CN, zh_TW):
> - User's Guide
> - Install Guide
> - Release Notes
> Sun is translating the Sysadmin guide into ja and zh_CN only.

Maybe we, the community, could take care of that :-)

> All of these will be available for the community around mid Feb.
> Alvaro, Andre, the CVS location of the System Administration Guide 
> is here:
> /cvs/gnome/gnome-user-docs/gnome2-system-admin-guide/C

I have already created a pt_BR folder inside my personal CVS copy of
Sysadmin Guide and inside of it a document called
system-admin-guide-pt_BR.omf (based on the structure of
system-admin-guide-C.omf) was created and its contents translated to
pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) and the necessary changes were made
(i.e. language code changed accordingly).

The document system-admin-guide.xml was also translated as well as
gconf.xml. I think that currently only menustructure.xml and legal.xml
are the two documents without a proper translation. The first one I'm
taking care and the later one I'll take a lookk when I'm done with

Eugenne, could you point to where should I submit the translations when
I'm done ?

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