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translating Debian Reference

Hello Osamu!

First of all, congratulations for your @debian.org, you deserve it
a lot! =)

Second, I am proposing on debian-l10n-portuguese that people start
an effort to translate Debian Reference to Portuguese. I really
think it's a very good document that would help lots of
Portuguese-speaking people =).

What I would like to know is how should we proceed this effort?
We would probably have more than 1 translator working on this,
so we would probably set up a CVS and stuf... is it OK for
us to just start work and send it to you when it is ready or
you want to have we sending you the partial translated doc
as we progress?

I just noticed that there's a pt_BR translation to be started
(just abstract and copyright notice are translated) by Rildo,
so I would also like to ask him how we could manage to centralize
this effort on debian-l10n-portuguese.


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