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Fw: New i18n scheme implemented

Oi turma!

Lembram-se dos templates e slices malucos das páginas wml?
O Barbier está implementando um esquema de potfiles para facilitar
a tradução dessas coisas e tirar tudo o que é traduzível de dentro
do webwml/english para seus respectivos diretórios...

Por favor, quem se interessar nisso dê uma olhada, teste mas *NÃO*
faça commit... o sistema está aí só para testes... não deixe de ler
o README citado no texto da mensagem, também!


Início da mensagem repassada:

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 01:27:32 +0200
From: barbier@linuxfr.org (Denis Barbier)
To: debian-www@lists.debian.org
Subject: New i18n scheme implemented


the new i18n scheme is now in a pretty good shape (at least I hope so ;)).
Here is how it is supposed to work on the long term:
  * english/ directory no more contains translatable strings
  * translators work as usual with .wml files, all other material is found
    under <lang>/po/*.<xx>.po where <xx> is the 2-letter language code.
  * to update PO files:
      $ cd <lang>/po
      $ make
    This will generate <file>.<xx>.upo from old <file>.<xx>.po and
      $ cp <file>.<xx>.upo <file>.<xx>.po
    and work on <file>.<xx>.po, then commit it.
    Do not forget to rename .upo files, otherwise your changes are lost
    when running 'make'.
    You may add any field in the header section of PO files to help
    translation coordination.

Please do not commit any changes in PO files now, or your changes will be
lost because I regenerate them from current english/* files.

If you want to test this new scheme, please read webwml/english/po/README.
  * mp4h >= 1.3.0
  * locales being configured for the desired language (which implies that
    each language must have at least one related locale generated on


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