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Re: ddts: notification about pt_BR-translation of the apt-spy description

Stephen Stafford wrote:
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On Thursday 06 Sep 2001 6:41 am, you wrote:


This is merely an automated notification mail from the ddts 'Debian
Description Translation Server'.

A translator recently uploaded a new version of the description of
this package. The descriptions are included below.

No action is required on your part; unless you want to use your veto
right on this text (contact me personally for this), it will be added
to our database, and will be ready for use.

If you notice any problems with the translation, please contact the
translator directly or its team.

For more information about the ddts, please visit our page:
If you have problems with this mail or the ddts mechanism, or if you
think this could be improved, please contact me directly:

Thanks for your attention.

Umm, okay. I can't read it, so I will just assume that it is a decent translation. Has the flamewar about how all this is to be achieved finished yet? Is there any conclusion?

I'm forwarding this translation to debian-l10n-portuguese just to make sure there isn't major bugs with the translation itself.

For the conclusions of the flamewar in debian-devel I'm forwarding it to grisu@debian.org .

Basically I am wondering if there is anything I need to do to include these translations within the package, or if the translations are packaged separately?

Currently (as I sent all my translations only via ddts) they are centralized. As the automated message says there are no actions required for the mantainer (well, not yet...).

If this will require me to add the translations to the package then please let me know.

Thank you for the translation efforts, which IMO can only be a good thing for non-English speaking users.

Hope so. Thanks for your work on Debian project, which IMHO can only be a good thing to the world :-)

- -- Stephen Stafford

Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano.
# Package(s): apt-spy
Description: writes a sources.list file based on bandwidth tests.
 Downloads from debian.org a list of current mirrors and tests each of
 the mirrors for bandwidth.  Writes a /etc/apt/sources.list file based
 on the responses it gets.
Description-pt_BR: Escreve arquivo sources.list baseado na largura de banda.
 Descarrega de debian.org uma lista dos espelhos correntes e testa cada
 um dos espelhos quanto à largura de banda. Escreve um arquivo
 /etc/apt/sources.list baseado nas respostas que ele obtiver.

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