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Re: ddts: notification about pt_BR-translation of the apt-spy description

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 02:59:59PM -0300, Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano wrote:
> Stephen Stafford wrote:
> > 
> > Umm, okay.  I can't read it, so I will just assume that it is a decent 
> > translation.  Has the flamewar about how all this is to be achieved 
> > finished yet?  Is there any conclusion?  
> I'm forwarding this translation to debian-l10n-portuguese just to make 
> sure there isn't major bugs with the translation itself.
> For the conclusions of the flamewar in debian-devel I'm forwarding it to 
> grisu@debian.org .


sorry, now we don't have a conclusion. 

Now we don't need any action from the maintainer... 

> > Basically I am wondering if there is anything I need to do to include 
> > these translations within the package, or if the translations are 
> > packaged separately?
> Currently (as I sent all my translations only via ddts) they are 
> centralized. As the automated message says there are no actions required 
> for the mantainer (well, not yet...).

yes, this is ok. 

We collect the translations central. But nobody know if we use and store the
translation in a central and/or in a per package way. See the mails on

thanks to all.

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