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Re: [Fwd: Unknown Package]

Em Wed, 05 Sep 2001 14:16:21 -0300
Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano <lacipriano@uol.com.br> escreveu:

> I also noticed that you use a Reply-to to the translator! I think it 
> will be better if the name of the translator is in the body of the 
> message. But this will let the question about whom the replies should be 
> sent... (only wish-list, btw, I have received some messages from 
> mantainers, just 'thanks' and one asking about the coordination about 
> pt_PT and pt_BR)
> Btw, thanks for your great work on ddts :-)

heh, people at debian-devel is fighting a good fight because of this
feature... maybe it will be removed by now and then readded when it
is possible to select which maintainers will receive the note...


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