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Re: adduser: Please update the PO translation for the package adduser

Hello ◈ukasz,
On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 06:59:38PM +0200, Łukasz wrote:
> 29.05.2016 18:01, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > Please send the updated file to me,
> I have updated this file, but actually I do not know the program and
> do not understand the changes, so I am afraid that I did something
> wrong.
> What seems strange:
> 1. Some strings, like "B<adduser.conf>(5), B<delgroup>(8),
> B<deluser(8)>", seem not to need localisation.

Yes, this is correct. Those are references which need to be copied

> 2. In
> msgid ""
> "B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)> also read I</etc/adduser.conf,> see
> B<adduser."
> "conf(5);> settings in I<deluser.conf> may overwrite settings made in "
> "I<adduser.conf.>"
> msgstr ""
> "deluser(8) and delgroup(8) czytają także plik /etc/adduser.conf, patrz "
> "adduser.conf(8); ustawienia w pliku deluser.conf mogą nadpisywać
> ustawienia "
> "z pliku adduser.conf."
> a) I do not understand, why "and" had not been translated into "i"
> and why the new English version has "B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)>"
> (in this situation, I kept "B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)>" in my
> translation).

This is my mistake. Sorry. Please read this as 
B<deluser(8)> and B<delgroup(8)>
and please do translate the "and". I don't know why the previous
translator did not translate it. Maybe Robert can comment on this?

> b) Why is there punctuation inside <>?

Please use the polish rules for punctuation, not the english ones.

> 3. What do these B<> and I<> mean?

Formatting, putting this into bold or roman font. Actually the main
change is mentioned in your point 4:

> 4. Some changes in the English version add only these B<> and I<>.
> Some seem to change only line breaking, if I did not miss something.

Yes, this is the main change, so probably the update of the
translation is rather quick. Actully some translator noted that those
formatting issues are missing and this initiated the update.



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