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Re: adduser: Please update the PO translation for the package adduser

29.05.2016 18:01, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Please send the updated file to me,

I have updated this file, but actually I do not know the program and do not understand the changes, so I am afraid that I did something wrong.

What seems strange:

1. Some strings, like "B<adduser.conf>(5), B<delgroup>(8), B<deluser(8)>", seem not to need localisation.

2. In
msgid ""
"B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)> also read I</etc/adduser.conf,> see B<adduser."
"conf(5);> settings in I<deluser.conf> may overwrite settings made in "
msgstr ""
"deluser(8) and delgroup(8) czytają także plik /etc/adduser.conf, patrz "
"adduser.conf(8); ustawienia w pliku deluser.conf mogą nadpisywać ustawienia "
"z pliku adduser.conf."
a) I do not understand, why "and" had not been translated into "i" and why the new English version has "B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)>" (in this situation, I kept "B<deluser(8)>andB<delgroup(8)>" in my translation).
b) Why is there punctuation inside <>?

3. What do these B<> and I<> mean?

4. Some changes in the English version add only these B<> and I<>. Some seem to change only line breaking, if I did not miss something.

Best regards,
Łukasz Dulny

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