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Re: Polish translation actualisation

Sorry. I forget about the attachement itsels.

Łukasz Dulny


I have just understood that I should have sent the updated pl.po file
here and not only to Michał Kułach.

Msgfmt command suggested by Guilema aside of errors I have already
corrected showed 7 untranslated communicates. Can you write how to find

Besides I hope I did not mess up anthing.

Is division between lines of the type of
"  -R|--raw-extract <deb> <katalog>   Rozpak. informacji i plików "

Of changes that may raise doubts, I can remember also that, because
* some changes in the English version were changes of semicolons into
* and if I am not wrong, semicolons in Polish do something else,
I leaved this communicates without changes, and changed into dashes (and
for example commas) most semicolons in other Polish communicates. I hope
it was right.

Best Regards,
Łukasz Dulny

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