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Help with a file in Polish with broken encoding.


in order to solve #659345, there is a file with broken UTF-8 encoding that
would need to be repaired.  It is a conversion table from English to Polish
that is used to create symbolic links.

I attached the file to this email.  Could somebody help by correcting
the broken parts ?

(Please CC me, I am not subscribed).

Have a nice week-end,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan
# Traduction to polish
# Stéphane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@sources.org>

1One_Apple 1Jedno_Jab³ko
2Two_Apples 2Dwa_Jab³ka
3Three_Apples 3Trzy_Jab³ka
4Four_Apples 4Cztery_Jab³ka
5Five_Apples 5Piêæ_Jab³ek
6Six_Apples 6Sze¶æ_Jab³ek
7Seven_Apples 7Siedem_Jab³ek
8Eight_Apples 8Osiem_Jab³ek
9Nine_Apples 9Dziewiêæ_Jab³ek

# Angelfish Poisson-ange
Ants Mrówki
Apple Jab³ko
Balloons Balony
Bison ¯ubr
Butterfly Motyl
Camera Aparat
Cheese Ser
Chicken Kurczak
Deer Jeleñ
Dog Pies
Eagle Orze³
Ears Uszy
Electricity Elektryczno¶æ
Forest Las
Frog ¯aba
Geese Gêsi
Giraffe ¯yrafa
# Goldfish Poisson-or
Horse Koñ
# Indian Indien
# Jester Fou
Kangaroo Kangur
Lizard Jaszczurka
# Moose
Needles Ig³y
Nest Gniazdo
Nose Nos
# Octopus Pieuvre
Onion Cebula
Owl Sowa
Peacock Paw
Penguin Pingwin
Plums ¦liwki
Raspberries Maliny
Road Drogi
# Queen Reine
Seal Foka
Shark Rekin
Sky Niebo
Snail ¦limak
Snake W±¿
Source ¬ród³o
Squirrel Wewiórka
Stork Bocian
Swan £abêd¼
# Teddy Nounours
Tiger.1 Tygrys.1
Tiger.2 Tygrys.2
Toucan Tukan
Turtles ¯ó³w
Umbrella Parasol
# Vulture Vautour
Whales Wieloryb
Wolf Wilk
# X-ray
Zebra Zebra

# Æ Ciastko
# H
# £ £abêd¼

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