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Re: Help with a file in Polish with broken encoding.

On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 02:17:38PM GMT, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Charles,

> in order to solve #659345, there is a file with broken UTF-8 encoding that
> would need to be repaired.  It is a conversion table from English to Polish
> that is used to create symbolic links.

The file is not broken, it is simply encoded in ISO-8859-2 - Polish
standard encoding.

> I attached the file to this email.  Could somebody help by correcting
> the broken parts ?

I have now converted it to UTF-8 using:

% iconv -f iso-8859-2 -t utf8 table-pl -o table-pl.utf8

> (Please CC me, I am not subscribed).
> Have a nice week-end,


# Traduction to polish
# Stéphane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@sources.org>

1One_Apple 1Jedno_Jabłko
2Two_Apples 2Dwa_Jabłka
3Three_Apples 3Trzy_Jabłka
4Four_Apples 4Cztery_Jabłka
5Five_Apples 5Pięć_Jabłek
6Six_Apples 6Sześć_Jabłek
7Seven_Apples 7Siedem_Jabłek
8Eight_Apples 8Osiem_Jabłek
9Nine_Apples 9Dziewięć_Jabłek

# Angelfish Poisson-ange
Ants Mrówki
Apple Jabłko
Balloons Balony
Bison Żubr
Butterfly Motyl
Camera Aparat
Cheese Ser
Chicken Kurczak
Deer Jeleń
Dog Pies
Eagle Orzeł
Ears Uszy
Electricity Elektryczność
Forest Las
Frog Żaba
Geese Gęsi
Giraffe Żyrafa
# Goldfish Poisson-or
Horse Koń
# Indian Indien
# Jester Fou
Kangaroo Kangur
Lizard Jaszczurka
# Moose
Needles Igły
Nest Gniazdo
Nose Nos
# Octopus Pieuvre
Onion Cebula
Owl Sowa
Peacock Paw
Penguin Pingwin
Plums Śliwki
Raspberries Maliny
Road Drogi
# Queen Reine
Seal Foka
Shark Rekin
Sky Niebo
Snail Ślimak
Snake Wąż
Source Źródło
Squirrel Wewiórka
Stork Bocian
Swan Łabędź
# Teddy Nounours
Tiger.1 Tygrys.1
Tiger.2 Tygrys.2
Toucan Tukan
Turtles Żółw
Umbrella Parasol
# Vulture Vautour
Whales Wieloryb
Wolf Wilk
# X-ray
Zebra Zebra

# Ć Ciastko
# H
# Ł Łabędź

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