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A Cry of Help From Darfur (SUDAN WAR ZONE)

Good Day,

I Am In need of assistance, my Names are Nad Bello Ismail.
I am the only surviving son of the late chief Bello Ismail the head of Black in Sudan an who was killed by  Group know as Janjaweed militia in Sudan with the i of the President Omer Hassan
 Al-Bashir .when they raided our village and raped my sister and killed my elder  brother in his attempt to escape.

My told me he deposited some money a Security and Finance Company overseas with the intention of  retrieving it himself before he was eventually killed.
I wish to state here that we are left with nothing as we survive by the grace of God I hope you understand our predicament so as to save me and my extended family from hopeless future Waiting your urgent Response.

Email: nadismailss@yahoo.com.hk

Best regards,

Nad bello Ismail.

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