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That wretchs eyes are ablaze, he said to himself; what a triumphfor that vile nature!
The prudentadvocate was afraid for a moment of being murdered himself. One dies as best one can; as for me, I wish to think ofdeath only in my own way. Who would everhave said, last time I saw you, in your bedroom, at Verrieres . This cruel parting had begun the day ill for Julien. He was stupefied by the quantity ofgold which Mathilde scattered abroad.
Her presence wasdisturbing enough in itself.
Indeed, I amhappier by myself than when that lovely girl shares my solitude .
SAINTE-BEUVEAt length the day dawned so dreaded by Madame de Renal and Mathilde.
Then my memory will cease to be infamous; at least,after a certain time 

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