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Re: Debian Installer sublevel 1: Yet another tentative to get files completed...sublevel 5

Quoting omshivaprakash@gmail.com (omshivaprakash@gmail.com):
> Christian, will get that corrected. Didn't find any issue at my end though.
> @people Also - we call Device as "ದಿವೈಸ್" - It should be ಡಿವೈಸ್
> phonetically isn't it?

Just to be clear (sorry in advance if you already did get it)
"${device} should not be translated and should appear as is in the
translation as it'll be replaced at execution time by the name of a

The attached script helps in spotting such errors.

#! /usr/bin/perl

sub getVars
        my $text = shift;
        my $var = '';
        while ($text =~ m/\G.*?(\$\{[^{}]+\})/g) {
                $var .= $1;
        return $var;

$/ = "\n\n";
open (PO, "< $ARGV[0]") or die "Unable to open $ARGV[0]: $!\n";
while (<PO>)
        (my $msgid) = m/^msgid "(.*)"$/m;
        (my $msgstr) = m/^msgstr "(.*)"$/m;
        next if $msgstr eq '' || m/^#, .*fuzzy/m;
        my $var1 = getVars($msgid);
        my $var2 = getVars($msgstr);
        print if $var1 ne $var2;
close (PO);

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