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Request for resolving situation(kn_IN)

In a nutshell, Pramod is current Coordinator for GNOME kn_IN. Has been inactive over a long period of time.
Currently active, Shankar Prasad(Redhat) and myself(swatantra.org).
Status of GNOME kn_IN at http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/kn/gnome-2-22 is 50% translated.
Status of GNOME localisation on Swatantra using Entrans as web interface http://translate.swatantra.org/main.php 60.5% translated. Couple of hundred more strings already translated but not yet reviewed.
Current situation as it appears is that Pramod is "needed" to coordinate between Shankar and myself while I am coordinating between nearly a dozen educational institutions and doing translations also.
Entrans allows to reduce entry barrier, increasing public participation while ensuring quality.
We(Pramod and myself) have exchanged a few mails and have reached a deadlock as neither of us are willing to budge from our positions.
I request that the issue be resolved in the interest of GNOME Kannada localisation.
Vikram Vincent
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