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Re: Formal request for change of kn_IN l10n Coordinator


> My first mail to Mr. Pramod regarding coordinating with each other in
> the localisation of GNOME was dated  23/04/2007.
> I have most of the mail transactions regarding the issue. I am willing
> to submit it if Mr. Pramod agrees??

To be honest, I don't care much about your mail transactions but I care
about the outcome.

Normal action for a team coordinator change is:
* Contact old coordinator
* If he agrees, contact gnome-i18n
* If he does not agree, cooperate with the old coordinator

Only if old coordinator is unresponsive or cooperation does fail you may
ask on gnome-i18n to resolve the issue but if you do that, please say so
and don't ask for a coordinator change but for resolving a conflict.

So far, I haven't see any effort from both sides to cooperate and also
nothing stating that such a cooperation has failed because of various

So, please, try to sort this out on your side and ONLY if you see no way
you could resolve this team-internal ask us to take action and explain
why you could not resolve it!


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