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Re: Formal request for change of kn_IN l10n Coordinator

Am Dienstag, den 04.03.2008, 16:56 +0530 schrieb Vikram Vincent:
> On 04/03/2008, Johannes Schmid <jhs@jsschmid.de> wrote:
>         Note that the gnome-i18n team won't take any action if the
>         current
>         coordinator does not agree. Would be good if you could discuss
>         that on
>         your side first. It's quite impolite to ask for a coordinator
>         change
>         without having asked the current coordinator FIRST.
> My first mail to Mr. Pramod regarding coordinating with each other in
> the localisation of GNOME was dated  23/04/2007.
> I have most of the mail transactions regarding the issue. I am willing
> to submit it if Mr. Pramod agrees??

hi vikram, hi pramod,

the gnome-i18n mailing list is interested in having *one* kannada team
working together on improving the kannada translation of upstream gnome.
i assume we all want to provide a good and full kannada gnome
translation for the kannada gnome users. that's why we kindly ask you
both to join forces and find a solution to work together/maybe merge the
teams. there seem to have been some problems in the past, and we ask you
to please work them out internally.

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