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Shadow's manpages translation

Dear Debian Italian translators,

It seems that some Italian man pages are not the translation of the
current English man pages.  Can you have a look at them, and see if they
need an update?

chfn.1, chsh.1:
They do not describe the same options as the Debian's ones.

return values were added in the Debian page.

PASS_MIN_DAYS, etc should probably not be translated.
The BUGS and SEE ALSO sections are different.
The pwconv file should be used instead, and others (grpconv, grpunconv,
etc.) should be links or .so man pages.

long options and -h have been added since the translation

login.1, newgrp.1, passwd.1, passwd.5 :
The Italian version is quite different from the English version.

there is a least a small diff regarding pam.

useradd, usermod:
some small option differences

return values were added in the Debian page.

Other pages (of the shadow source package) seems to be up-to-date.

Can you provide an update as a bug to the shadow package, or indicate if
some man pages is so outdated that they should be dropped because they
would mislead users (I don't speak Italian, so the above analysis is only
an indication and the above issues can have some explanations).  You may
also only wish to add a notice indicating that users can have a look at
the more up-to-date English man pages with the "man -L C <...>" command.

The French translation was handled with po4a, which permits to translate
the man pages using a PO file, and permits to ease future updates of the
translation).  You can have a look at the man/fr directory in the shadow
source package.  If you want to use po4a, don't hesitate to mail me for
any question you have (e.g. I can prepare you the po4a conf file, provide
the POT file, and automatically fill it with the current translation
(which you will then have to verify)).

There is an opportunity to include this update in Sarge.

Thanks in advance,

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