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Re: italian translation of the Sarge Installation Manual

Christian Perrier wrote:
I indeed have no preference at all. In case of a team work, the only
requirement is making sure that all people with commit access agree on
the work method. In the case of translations, this is most often
having commited files reviewed or get unwritten agreement in case of
trivial changes.

well, by now the biggest problem is that only a few files have been translated in italian. It's hard to have got problems when only 20 files have been translated.

In short, I want to be sure that all commiters work together, that's

we're organizing right now the divison of the work. I just posted the link to the status page in the debian-l10n-italian list.

So, if the italian team and Ottavio agree on having commit access for
him, no problem on my side.

I'd like to get commit access, if possibile.

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