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[DDTP] (fwd) news, next tasks...

Vi invio un messaggio che mi è or ora arrivato da Micheal, il
manutentore di ddts sulla lista dei coordinatori...

Raggiungeremo mai i tedeschi???!!

----- Forwarded message from Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> -----

Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 14:11:41 +0100
From: Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org>
Subject: news, next tasks...
To: grisu-td-coors@auric.debian.org
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First some statistics (17.11.2001):
 - the ddtp supports 14 languages
 - the ddts has 7403 uniq up-to-day descriptions in its db
 - de, fr, it, ja and pt_BR have translated >10% of all descriptions
 - da and the previous have translated all required, important, standard and task packages
 - the BTS works. Now we have 226 bug reports and only <50 are still open

I have some news: 
 - The server doesn't send notification to all maintainers. I stop this
   and we have now a 'opt-in'. The server have in his opt-in database
   259 packages.
 - I and some others find some bugs and we have fix this bugs...
 - We get a CVS and a own debian domain (see also bad news...)
 - Some weeks ago, we discuss the priority system. Now I code this and
   now this system work:
    - all descriptions get the priority '5'
    - all descriptions from the sid/main/binary-i386 Packages file get a
      priority of '20' and 
       - if the name start with 'lib' deducts 2 from the priority with 
       - if the name end with "-doc" deducts 1 from the priority with 
       - if the name end with "-dev" deducts 6 from the priority with 
       - add some priority points if the package has some priority:
          extra      +0
 	  optional   +5
 	  standard  +10
 	  important +15
 	  required  +20
       - if the package has a Task tag, add 2 points
       - change the priority points if the package is in some section:
          devel      -3
          net        -2
       - add some points, if the package description is already (in one
 	 or more languages) translated: 
 	  1-3        +1
 	  >3         +2
   The server mix all untranslated descriptions and send the
   descriptions with a larger priority to the translator.
 - Nicolas Boulenguez make some comments on a review system. Now we have
   code something and some french boys test the system.  Nicolas will
   write some guide and after the test phase he will announce this all
   in detail. Now only some basics: 
    - A reviewer request one or some translated descriptions from the
    - He make the review and send it back to the server. 
      If he change the translation, the server send a bug report to the
      translator. If he don't change anything, the server mark the
      translation as reviewed by him.
    - If the translator change the description, the server send this new
      translation to all reviewer and ask for a new review.
    - If N reviewer send the translation unchanged to the server, the
      review process is finished. (N is 3 by default)
   Thanks to Nicolas for this very nice system. 
   Maybe send a 'noguide STATUS fr' to the server...

bad news:
 - We don't use our own domain and the CVS... 
 - Some new languages have only some translators. We must find some
   new/more translators!
 - the german graph is flattening (?spelling?)
 - We have some old bug reports (50 and more days old) and we have some
   not resend descriptions with changed english description. Some
     de:     25
     fr:      7
     it:      9
     ja:     11
     pt_BR:   9

Next tasks (unsort):
  - searchable package descriptions (ala packages.debian.org) with
    languages support
  - move all source to CVS and use the CVS for the guides, NEWS, etc.
  - make 'new' (or better real) web pages
  - move all to ddtp.debian.org and XXX@ddtp.debian.org
  - start with a CGI-Interface
  - start review process
  - add some other material for translation (like
    /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc, maybe debconf templates)

If you have comments etc. to some points, write.

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer http://www.debian.org
PGP: finger grisu@db.debian.org  -- Linux Sysadmin   -- Use Debian Linux
"Wer die grundlegenden Programmiersprachen wie Perl, (Posix,Bourne,C)-Shell,C,
 make, ed, ... nicht kann, sollte den User am Unix spielen." -- L. Donnerhacke

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