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Re: Tux Paint Indonesian

Hi again, thanks a lot. The file has been committed.

root@pc:/home/joe/tux/tuxpaint-config/src/po# msgfmt --statistics -c -v -o /dev/null id.po
id.po: 172 oversatte tekster, 2 uafklarede oversættelser, 12 uoversatte tekster.
root@pc:/home/joe/tux/tuxpaint-config/src/po# cvs add id.po
cvs add: scheduling file `id.po' for addition
cvs add: use 'cvs commit' to add this file permanently
root@pc:/home/joe/tux/tuxpaint-config/src/po# cvs commit -m "Translation Indonesian (id) 172 strings." id.po
RCS file: /cvsroot/tuxpaint/tuxpaint-config/src/po/id.po,v
Checking in id.po;
/cvsroot/tuxpaint/tuxpaint-config/src/po/id.po,v  <--  id.po
initial revision: 1.1
Mailing tuxpaint-cvs@lists.sourceforge.net...
Generating notification message...
Generating notification message... done.

new functionality has been added to the config file, so i have attached a new file with the new contest.


Den fre 4/7/14 skrev T. Surya Fajri <kilelme@gmail.com>:

 Emne: Re: Tux Paint Indonesian
 Til: "Joe Dalton" <joedalton2@yahoo.dk>
 Cc: "tuxpaint-i18n" <tuxpaint-i18n@lists.sourceforge.net>, "debian-l10n-indonesian" <debian-l10n-indonesian@lists.debian.org>
 Dato: fredag 4. juli 2014 19.03
 Here i
 have translated config file. i hope my translate fit in
 indonesian language :D
 2014-06-24 5:34 GMT+07:00
 T. Surya Fajri <kilelme@gmail.com>:
 i'm so happy to hear that... 
 for config file i will
 try my best
 2014-06-23 1:19 GMT+07:00
 Joe Dalton <joedalton2@yahoo.dk>:
 is also a config file. It isn't completely finished for
 the new version yet, but is very close. As Indonesian
 isn't started at all for this file, It might be an idea
 to take a look at it, if the time and inclination are
# Indonesian translation tuxpaint-config.
# Copyright (C) 2014 the tuxpaint team.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the tuxpaint-config package.
# T. Surya Fajri <kilelme@gmail.com>, 2014.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: tuxpaint-config\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: tuxpaint-i18n@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-07-04 20:06+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-07-04 23:59+0700\n"
"Last-Translator: T. Surya Fajri <kilelme@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: none\n"
"Language: id\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: ../about.h:10
msgid ""
"Welcome to Tux Paint's graphical configuration tool, created by Torsten "
"Giebl, Jan Wynholds, Bill Kendrick, and Martin Fuhrer.\n"
"This tool allows you to alter Tux Paint's settings, such as full-screen "
"mode, the interface's language, or options to simplify Tux Paint for younger "
"These settings can be set for the current user only or for all users of your "
"computer by making a selection in the 'Settings for' pull-down menu at the "
"Use the tabs at the top to select the different setting categories, change "
"the options you'd like to change, and click the 'Apply' button at the bottom "
"to write out a new configuration file.\n"
"The next time Tux Paint is launched, the new settings should take effect."
msgstr ""
"Selamat datang di konfigurasi Tux Paint. dibuat oleh Torsten Giebl, Jan "
"Wynholds, Bill Kendrick, dan Martin Fuhrer.\n"
"Konfigurasi ini memungkinkan untuk mengganti pengaturan Tux Paint, seperti "
"mode full-screen, interface bahasa, atau opsi untuk menyederhanakan Tux "
"Paint bagi anak kecil.\n"
"Pengaturan ini dapat di atur untuk pengguna tertentu atau untuk semua "
"pengguna dari komputer anda dengan membuat pilihan pada 'Pengaturan untuk' "
"yang menurunkan menu di bawah.\n"
"Gunakan tap di bagian atas untuk memilih kategori pengaturan yang berbeda, "
"ganti opsi dengan apa yang anda inginkan, dan klik tombol 'Apply' di bagian "
"bawah untuk membuat file konfigurasi baru.\n"
"Ketika Tux Paint dibuka lain kali, maka pengaturan baru akan berlaku."

#: ../tuxpaint-config.cxx:208
msgid "(Use system's default)"
msgstr "(gunakan delaut sistem)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:95
msgid "(Use system's setting)"
msgstr "(Gunakan pengaturan sistem)."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1423 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2027
msgid "Default (no override)"
msgstr "Default (tidak override)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1425
msgid "Override: Small"
msgstr "Override: Kecil"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1427
msgid "Override: Medium"
msgstr "Override: Sedang"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1429
msgid "Override: Large"
msgstr "Override: Besar"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1534
msgid "Save Directory?"
msgstr "Direktori Penyimpanan?"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1568
msgid "Data Directory?"
msgstr "Direktori Data?"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1601
msgid "Color Palette File?"
msgstr "File Warna Palette?"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1640
msgid "Quit without applying changes?"
msgstr "Keluar tanpa menerapkan perubahan?"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1641
msgid "&No"
msgstr "&Tidak"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1641
msgid "&Yes"
msgstr "&Ya"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1677
msgid "current user"
msgstr "User saat ini"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1680
msgid "all users"
msgstr "Semua User"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1684
#, c-format
msgid "Apply changes you made to %s?"
msgstr "Terapkan perubahan yang anda buat menjadi %s?"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1685
msgid "No"
msgstr "Tidak"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1685
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ya"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1705 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1708
msgid "Tux Paint Config v"
msgstr "Pengaturan Tux Paint v"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1717
msgid "About"
msgstr "Tentang"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1724
msgid "About Tux Paint Config."
msgstr "Tentang pengaturan Tux Paint"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1740
msgid "Video/Sound"
msgstr "Video/Suara"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1747
msgid "Video:"
msgstr "Video:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1751
msgid "&Fullscreen"
msgstr "&Fullscreen"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1756
msgid "Run Tux Paint in fullscreen mode, rather than in a window."
msgstr "Jalankan Tux Paint dalam mode fullscreen, daripada mode window"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1762
msgid "&Native"
msgstr "&Native"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1766
msgid "Use native screen resolution in fullscreen mode."
msgstr "Gunakan resolusi layar asli pada mode fullscreen."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1772
msgid "Window size : "
msgstr "Ukuran Window :"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1796
msgid "Size of the window, or the resolution in fullscreen."
msgstr "Ukuran dari window, atau resolusi dari fullscreen."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1802
msgid "&Rotate Orientation"
msgstr "&Orientasi Rotasi"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1806
msgid ""
"Swap width and height, to rotate 90 degrees (useful for portrait-display on "
"a tablet PC)"
msgstr ""
"Tukar panjang dan tinggi, untuk berotasi 90 derajat (berguna untuk tampilan "
"potrait pada PC tablet)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1812
msgid "Allow S&creensaver"
msgstr "Ijinkan S&creensaver"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1816
msgid "Don't disable your system's screensaver while Tux Paint is running."
msgstr ""
"Jangan matikan screensaver sistem anda ketika Tux Paint sedang berjalan."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1825
msgid "Sound:"
msgstr "Suara:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1829
msgid "Enable &Sound Effects"
msgstr "Hidupkan &Efek Suara"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1834
msgid "Enable/disable sound effects."
msgstr "Hidupkan/matikan efek suara."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1843 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1857
msgid "Color Palette File:"
msgstr "File Warna Palette:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1847
msgid "Use &Alternative Color Palette"
msgstr "Gunakan &Warna Palette Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1852
msgid ""
"Don't use default color palette, use colors defined in the following file:"
msgstr ""
"Jangan gunakan warna palette default, gunakan warna yang didefinisikan pada "
"file berikut ini:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1862 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2405
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2490
msgid "Browse..."
msgstr "Browse..."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1873
msgid "Mouse/Keyboard"
msgstr "Mouse/Keyboard"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1881
msgid "Cursor:"
msgstr "Cursor:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1885
msgid "&Fancy Cursor Shapes"
msgstr "&Bentuk Cursor indah"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1890
msgid ""
"Change the shape of the mouse pointer depending on where the mouse is and "
"what you are doing."
msgstr ""
"Rubah bentuk dari pointer mouse tergantung dimana mouse dan apa yang anda "

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1896
msgid "&Hide Cursor"
msgstr "&Sembunyikan Cursor"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1901
msgid "Completely hides cursor (useful on touchscreen devices)."
msgstr "Menyembunyikan cursor (berguna pada perangkat layar sentuh)."

#. Fl_Group* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1910 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2527
msgid "Keyboard:"
msgstr "Keyboard:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1914
msgid "Enable &Keyboard Shortcuts"
msgstr "Aktrifkan shortcut &Keyboard"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1919
msgid ""
"Allows key combinations to be used as shortcuts for certain commands. (e.g., "
"Control+S to Save)"
msgstr ""
"Ijinkan kombinasi kunci untuk digunakan sebagai shorcut untuk beberapa "
"perintah. (contohnya, Control+S untuk Menyimpan)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1931 ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2513
msgid "Mouse:"
msgstr "Mouse:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1935
msgid "&Grab Mouse Pointer"
msgstr "&Ambil Pointer Mouse"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1940
msgid "Prevents the mouse pointer from leaving the Tux Paint window."
msgstr "Cegah pointer mouse dari meninggalkan window Tux Paint."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1945
msgid "Mouse &Wheel Support"
msgstr "Dukungan &Roda Mouse"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1950
msgid ""
"Allows a mouse wheel to be used to scroll through items. (e.g., brushes, "
msgstr ""
"Ijinkan roda mouse untuk digunakan untuk men-scroll melalui item. "
"(contohnya, Brush, stamp)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1955
msgid "No &Button Distinction"
msgstr "Tidak &Tombol Distinction"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1959
msgid "Allows middle and right mouse buttons to be used for clicking, too."
msgstr "Ijinkan tombol tengah dan kanan mouse untuk meng-click juga."

#. FIXME: From here on, not using 'boxx/boxy' trick, used above -bjk 2011.04.15
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1972
msgid "Simplification"
msgstr "Penyederhanaan"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1980
msgid "Interface Simplification:"
msgstr "Penyederhanaan Interface:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1984
msgid "Disable Shape &Rotation"
msgstr "Matikan &Putaran Bentuk"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1989
msgid "Shape tool's rotation step is disabled. Useful for younger children."
msgstr ""
"Langkah alat rotasi bentuk dimatikan. Berguna untuk anak-anak yang lebih "

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1994
msgid "Simple Stamp &Outlines"
msgstr "Stamp Sederhana &Outline"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:1999
msgid ""
"Draw a rectangle around the cursor when placing stamps, rather than a "
"detailed outline. (For slow computers and thin clients.)"
msgstr ""
"Gambar persegi panjang disekitar cursor ketika menempatkan stamp, daripada "
"outline yang detil. (Untuk komputer yang lambat dan klien kecil.)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2004
msgid "Show &Uppercase Text Only"
msgstr "Tampilkan Hanya Text &Huruf Besar"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2009
msgid ""
"Cause all text in Tux Paint (button labels, dialogs, etc.) to appear in "
"UPPERCASE rather than Mixed Case."
msgstr ""
"Disebabkan semua teks pada Tux Paint (tombol label, dialog dan lain-lain) "
"untuk menampilkan HURUF BESAR dari pada campuran."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2018
msgid "Initial Stamp Size:"
msgstr "Ukuran Awal Stamp:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2035
msgid "Control Simplification:"
msgstr "Penyederhanaan Control:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2039
msgid "Disable '&Quit' Button and [Escape] key"
msgstr "Matikan tombol '&Quit' dan kunci [Escape]"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2044
msgid ""
"Clicking the window's close (X) button in the title bar, or pressing "
"[Alt]+[F4] or [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Escape] will still quit Tux Paint."
msgstr ""
"Meng-klik pada tombol window close (X)  pada title bar, atau tekan "
"[Alt]+[F4] atau [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Escape] tetap akan keluar dari Tux Paint."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2049
msgid "Disable '&Stamps' Tool"
msgstr "Matikan Alat '&Stamp'"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2054
msgid "Do not load stamps at startup, thus disabling the Stamps tool."
msgstr "Jangan memuat stamp saat startup, sehingga menonaktifkan alat Stamp."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2059
msgid "Disable Stamp &Controls"
msgstr "Mematikan &Kontrol Stamp"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2064
msgid ""
"Simplify the 'Stamps' tool by removing the stamp control buttons (Shrink, "
"Grow, Mirror and Flip)."
msgstr ""
"Penyederhanaan alat 'Stamp' dengan membuang tombol kontrol stamp (Shrink, "
"Grow, Mirrow dan Flip)."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2069
msgid "Disable &Magic Controls"
msgstr "Mematikan Kontrol &Magic"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2074
msgid ""
"Simplify the 'Magic' tools by removing the buttons to switch between paint "
"and fullscreen modes."
msgstr ""
"Penyederhanaan alat 'Magic' dengan menghapus tombol untuk menukarkan antara "
"paint dan mode fullscreen."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2079
msgid "Disable '&Label' Tool"
msgstr "Matikan Alat '&Label'"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2084
msgid "Disable the 'Label' text-entry tool (leaving only the 'Text' tool)."
msgstr "Matikan alat masukan text 'Label' (meninggalkan hanya alat 'Teks')."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2095
msgid "Languages"
msgstr "Bahasa"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2101
msgid "Language:"
msgstr "Bahasa:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2105
msgid "Language : "
msgstr "Bahasa :"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2120
msgid "Run Tux Paint in a particular language (overriding system's settings)."
msgstr "Jalankan Tux Paint dalam bahasa tertentu (override pengaturan sistem)."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2125
msgid "&Mirror Stamps"
msgstr "&tamp &Mirror"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2130
msgid ""
"Automatically mirror-image all mirror-able stamps. Useful for users who "
"prefer things appearing right-to-left."
msgstr ""
"Secara otomatis mencerminkan gambar  semua stamp yang dapat dicerminkan. "
"Berguna untuk user yang mengutamakan tampilan dari kanan ke kiri."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2139
msgid "Fonts:"
msgstr "Font:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2143
msgid "Load System &Fonts"
msgstr "Muat sistem &Font"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2148
msgid ""
"Attempt to load more fonts, found elsewhere on your computer. (Note: may "
"cause instability!)"
msgstr ""
"Mencoba untuk memuat lebih banyak font, menemukan di tempat lain pada "
"komputer anda. (Catatan: dapat menyebabkan ketidakstabilan!)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2153
msgid "Load All &Locale Fonts"
msgstr "Muat semua font &Locale"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2158
msgid ""
"Load all locale-specific fonts installed in Tux Paint, regardless of the "
"locale Tux Paint is being run under."
msgstr ""
"Memuat semua spesifik font locale yang ter-install pada Tux Paint, terlepas "
"dari Tux Paint locale yang sedang berjalan."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2169
msgid "Printing"
msgstr "Mencetak"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2175
msgid "Print Permissions:"
msgstr "Ijin Mencetak:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2179
msgid "Allow &Printing"
msgstr "Mengijinkan &Mencetak"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2184
msgid "Let users print from within Tux Paint."
msgstr "Mengijinkan user untuk mencetak dari Tux Paint."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2189
msgid "Print Delay : "
msgstr "Delay mencetak :"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2195
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "detik"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2199
msgid ""
"Restrict printing to once every N seconds. (Enter '0' to allow unrestricted "
msgstr ""
"Membatasi mencetak untuk sekali setiap N detik. (Masukkan '0' untuk tidak "
"membatasi pencetakan.)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2207
msgid "Show Printer Dialog:"
msgstr "Tampilkan Dialog Printer:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2212
msgid "Only when [Alt] &modifier key is held"
msgstr "Hanya ketika [ALT] kunci &modifier ditahan"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2219
msgid "Always &show printer dialog"
msgstr "Mengijinkan &menampilkan dialog printer"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2226
msgid "&Never show printer dialog"
msgstr "&Tidak pernah menampilkan dialog printer"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2233
msgid "(Even when [Alt] is held.)"
msgstr "(Walaupun ketika [ALT] ditahan.)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2247
msgid "Save printer configuration"
msgstr "Simpan konfigurasi printer"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2256
msgid "Print Commands:"
msgstr "Perintah cetak:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2260
msgid "Use &Alternative Print Command"
msgstr "Gunakan Perintah Cetak &Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2265
msgid ""
"Override Tux Paint's default setting for print command ('lpr') with another. "
"(Advanced! Unix/Linux only!)"
msgstr ""
"Override pengaturan default Tux Paint untuk perintah cetak ('lpr') dengan "
"yang lain. (Hanya pengguna Unix/Linux yang mahir!)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2275
msgid ""
"Enter the command for printing. It must accept a PostScript format on its "
"standard input (STDIN)."
msgstr ""
"Masukkan perintah untuk mencetak. Harus sesuai dengan format PostScript "
"sebagai standar masukan (STDIN)."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2286
msgid "Use &Alternative Print Dialog"
msgstr "Gunakan Dialog Cetak &Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2291
msgid ""
"Override Tux Paint's default setting for print dialog ('kprinter') with "
"another. (Advanced! Unix/Linux only!)"
msgstr ""
"Override pengaturan default Tux Paint untuk dialog cetak ('kprinter') dengan "
"yang lain. (Hanya pengguna Unix/Linux yang mahir!)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2301
msgid ""
"Enter the print dialog command. It must accept a PostScript format on its "
"standard input (STDIN)."
msgstr ""
"Masukkan dialog perintah cetak, It must accept a PostScript format on its "
"standard input (STDIN)."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2308
msgid "Paper Size : "
msgstr "Ukuran Kerta :"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2329
msgid "Saving"
msgstr "Menyimpan"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2336
msgid "Save Over Earlier Work:"
msgstr "Simpan Pekerjaan Lebih Awal."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2340
msgid "&Ask Before Overwriting"
msgstr "&Tanya Sebelum Menimpa"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2345
msgid ""
"When re-saving an image, ask whether to overwrite the earlier version, or "
"make a new file."
msgstr ""
"Ketika menyimpan gambar kembali, tanyakan apakah akan menimpa versi awal, "
"atau membuat file baru."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2350
msgid "Always &Overwrite Older Version"
msgstr "Selalu &Menimpa Versi Lama"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2355
msgid ""
"When re-saving an image, always overwrite the earlier version. (Warning: "
"Potential for lost work!)"
msgstr ""
"Ketika menyimpan gambar kembali, tanyakan apakah akan menimpa versi awal. "
"(Peringatan: Potensial menghilangkan hasil kerja!)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2360
msgid "Always Save &New Picture"
msgstr "Selalu Simpan Gambar &Baru"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2365
msgid ""
"When re-saving an image, always make a new file. (Warning: Potential for "
"lots of files!)"
msgstr ""
"Ketika menyimpan kembali gambar, selalu buat file baru. (Peringatan: "
"Berpotensi membuat file yang banyak!)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2372
msgid "Start Blank:"
msgstr "Mulai Kosong;"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2377
msgid "Start with &Blank Canvas"
msgstr "Mulai dengan Canvas &Kosong"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2386
msgid "Save Directory:"
msgstr "Direktori Penyimpanan;"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2390
msgid "Use &Alternative Save Directory"
msgstr "Gunakan Direktori Penyimpanan &Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2395
msgid ""
"Do not save pictures in the standard directory, use the following location:"
msgstr ""
"Jangan simpan gambar pada direktori biasanya, gunakan lokasi berikut ini:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2400
msgid "Alternative Save Directory:"
msgstr "Direktori Penyimpana Alternatif:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2412
msgid "More Saving Options:"
msgstr "Pilihan Penyimpanan Lainnya:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2417
msgid "Disable '&Save' Button"
msgstr "Matikan Tombol '&Simpan'"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2422
msgid ""
"Don't allow pictures to be saved. Tux Paint acts as temporary 'scratch "
msgstr ""
"Tidak mengijinkan gambar untuk disimpan. Tux Paint bertindak sebagai 'kertas "
"coretan.' sementara"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2428
msgid "&Auto-save on Quit"
msgstr "$Simpan-otomatis saat Keluar"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2433
msgid "Don't ask to save current picture when quitting; just save."
msgstr "Jangan tanya simpan gambar saat ini ketika keluar; simpan langsung."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2445
msgid "Data"
msgstr "Data"

#. FIXME: Looks awful:
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2453
msgid "Lockfile:"
msgstr "Lockfile:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2457
msgid "&Don't use lockfile"
msgstr "&jangan gunakan lockfile"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2461
msgid ""
"Do not check for a lockfile. Allow Tux Paint to be launched multiple times. "
"(May be necessary in a networked environment.)"
msgstr ""
"Jangan memeriksa untuk lockfile. Ijinkan Tux Paint untuk di buka berkali-"
"kali. (Mungkin diperlukan pada lingkungan dengan jaringan.)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2471
msgid "Data Directory:"
msgstr "Direktori Data:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2475
msgid "Use &Alternative Data Directory"
msgstr "Gunakan Direktori Data &Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2480
msgid ""
"Do not load brushes, stamps, etc. from the standard directory, use the "
"following location:"
msgstr ""
"Jangan muat brush, stamp, dll. dari direktori standar, gunakan lokasi "

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2485
msgid "Alternative Data Directory:"
msgstr "Direktori Data Alternatif"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2507
msgid "Accessibility"
msgstr ""

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2517
msgid "Sticky mouse clicks"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Check_Button* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2520
msgid ""
"Useful for users who have difficulty clicking and dragging. When enabled, "
"click and release to start painting, move to paint, and click and release "
"again to stop. It can also be combined with joystick- and keyboard-based "
"pointer controls."
msgstr ""

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2531
msgid "Keyboard controls the mouse pointer"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Check_Button* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2534
msgid ""
"When enabled, the arrow keys or numpad can be used to move the mouse "
"pointer. Numpad 5, Space, Insert or F5 can be used to click. (When in \"Text"
"\" or \"Label\" tools, the numpad and space cannot be used.) Also, F4 cycles "
"the pointer between the \"Tools\" box, \"Colors\" box and drawing canvas, F8 "
"and F7 move up/down inside the \"Tools\" box, and F11 and F12 move left/"
"right inside the \"Tools\" and \"Colors\" boxes."
msgstr ""

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2542
msgid "Onscreen keyboard:"
msgstr ""

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2546
msgid "Show a keyboard on the screen"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Check_Button* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2549
msgid ""
"Display a keyboard on the screen when the \"Text\" and \"Label\" tools are "
"enabled, so you can 'type' with the mouse pointer."
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Box* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2554
msgid "Layout"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Choice* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2560
msgid "How are keys organized in the keyboard"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Box* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2565
msgid "Disable layout changes"
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Check_Button* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2568
msgid "Disable the buttons that allow changing the keyboard layout."
msgstr ""

#. Fl_Group* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2586
msgid "Joystick"
msgstr "Joystick"

#. o->box(FL_PLASTIC_UP_BOX);
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2597
msgid "Main device:"
msgstr "Perangkat utama:"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2607
msgid "Device number to use. (SDL starts numbering at 0)"
msgstr "Nomor perangkat untuk digunakan. (SDL mulai penomoran dari 0)"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2618
msgid ""
"Joystick slowness. Increase this value for people with slow reactions. "
"(0-500; default value is 15)"
msgstr ""
"Joystick terlambat. Tingkatkan nilai ini untuk orang dengan reaksi yang "
"lambat. (0-500; nilai default adalah 15)"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2630
msgid ""
"SDL events under threshold will be discarded, useful to discard accidental "
"unwanted movements. (0-32766; default value is 3200)"
msgstr ""
"Event SDL dibawah ambang batas akan dihapus, berguna untuk menghapus "
"pergerakan yang tidak diinginkan. (0-32766; nilai default adalah 3200)"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2640
msgid "Limit speed when moving. (1-7; default value is 7)"
msgstr "Batasi kecepatan ketika bergerak. (1-7; nilai default adalah 7)"

#. Fl_Group* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2647
msgid "Hat:"
msgstr "Hat:"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2656
msgid "Hat slowness. (0-500; default value is 15)"
msgstr "Hat terlambat. (0-500; nilai default adalah 15)"

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2668
msgid ""
"Hat timeout, the number of milliseconds to wait before starting to move "
"continuously. (0-3000; default value is 1000)"
msgstr ""
"Hat mencapai batas waktu, nilai dari milisecond untuk menunggu sebelum "
"melakukan pergerakan secara terus menerus. (0-3000; nilai default adalah "

#. Fl_Group* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2679
msgid "Buttons to disable:"
msgstr "Tombol untuk mematikan:"

#. Fl_Input* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2695
msgid ""
"If for any reason one or more buttons of the joystick are posing problems, "
"you can disable them here using a comma separated list of button numbers. (e."
"g. 2,3,5)"
msgstr ""
"Jika untuk segala alasan satu atau lebih tombol untuk joystick bermasalah, "
"anda dapat mematikannya dengan menggunakan sebuah koma untuk memisahkan "
"daftar nomor tombol (contoh 2,3,5)"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2704
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Button shortcurts:"
msgid "Button shortcuts:"
msgstr "Tombol Jalan Pintas"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2708
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "Here you can configure shortcurts for the different buttons of the "
#| "joystick, beware to not assign a shortcurt to the button used to draw."
msgid ""
"Here you can configure shortcuts for the different buttons of the joystick. "
"(Beware to not assign a shortcut to the button used to draw.)"
msgstr ""
"Disini anda dapat mengkonfigurasi jalan pintas untuk tombol dari joystick, "
"berhati-hatilah untuk tidak menetapkan tombol jalan pintas yang digunakan "
"untuk menggambar."

#. Fl_Box* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2713
msgid "Button number for the Escape key."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk kunci Escape key."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2721
msgid "Button number for the Brush tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Brush tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2729
msgid "Button number for the Stamps tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Stamp tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2737
msgid "Button number for the Lines tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Line tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2745
msgid "Button number for the Shapes tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Shape tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2753
msgid "Button number for the Text tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Text tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2761
msgid "Button number for the Label tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Label tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2769
msgid "Button number for the Magic tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Magic tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2777
msgid "Button number for Undo."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Undo."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2785
msgid "Button number for Redo."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Redo."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2793
msgid "Button number for the Eraser tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Ereaser tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2801
msgid "Button number for the New tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk New tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2809
msgid "Button number for the Open tool."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Open tool."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2817
msgid "Button number for saving."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Menyimpan."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2825
msgid "Button number for Page Setup."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Pengaturan halaman."

#. Fl_Spinner* o
#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2833
msgid "Button number for printing."
msgstr "Nomor tombol untuk Mencetak."

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2855
msgid "Settings for : "
msgstr "Pengaturan untuk:"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2859
msgid "Current User"
msgstr "Pengguna Saat Ini"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2860
msgid "All Users"
msgstr "Semua Pengguna"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2866
msgid "Use \"All Users\" Settings"
msgstr "Gunakan Pengaturan \"All Users\""

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2870
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Apply"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2878
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Reset"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2885
msgid "Defaults"
msgstr "Default"

#: ../tuxpaint-config2.cxx:2892
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Keluar"

#: ../tuxpaint-config.desktop.in.h:1
msgid "Tux Paint Config."
msgstr "Konfigurasi Tux Paint."

#: ../tuxpaint-config.desktop.in.h:2
msgid "Configure Tux Paint"
msgstr "Mengkonfigurasi Tux Paint."

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