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Re: Automating of localizations


From: Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>
Subject: Re: Automating of localizations
Date: 29 Oct 2003 20:47:11 +0100

> We are currently trying to combine our package with the language-env
> package, to get one package handling both global and user
> configuration.

I am a maintainer of language-env.  I am glad if we can cooperate.
Since I don't know at all about console fonts and keyboard settings
(since I am a Japanese speaker and there are no methods to configure
console for Japanese), I want help on these fields.

> It currently support the da_DK, de_BE@euro, de_DE@euro, es_ES@euro,
> fi_FI@euro, fr_BE@euro, fr_FR@euro, it_IT@euro, lv_LV, nb_NO,
> nl_BE@euro, nl_NL@euro, nn_NO, no_NO, pt_BR, se_NO and sv_SE locales.
> It will configure ispell, kde 2.2.2, locales, opera 6, default time
> zone and XFree86 keyboard layout if the relevant packages are
> installed.  Some locales do not support all packages yet.

I have some questions.  Does the whole locale-config-skolelinux
package have a list of "supported packages" and then each supported
package has a list of supported languages?  Or, does the whole
locale-config-skolelinux package have a list of "supported languages"
and then each language governs which packages to support?  I think
the latter way is better, because popular (or usable) packages are
different between languages.  For example, 8bit softwares are useless
for multibyte people.  There may be more accidental difference, 
for example, that zsh is popular than bash in a country where a
popular magazine in that country had an article of zsh.

Also, some language-specific configurations are not able to be
completely automated because they are based on user preferences,
like which Japanese input engine to be used, while all Japanese
people want to use one of Japanese input engines.

BTW, why do KDE and Opera need locale configuration?  I imagine
a common configuration -- LANG variable -- should be enough.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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