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proofreading needed

Hi all,

we need some proofreading of some translations for the Texas
Instruments calculator software.  The upstream project is here:


I prepared a draft translation, but someone more experienced with the
translation conventions should have a second look.  The po-files are
attached.  Please send the proofread files back to me, I'll try to
merge them upstream.

Thanks and best regards,


# German translations for libtifiles2 package.
# Copyright (C) 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the libtifiles2 package.
# Andreas B. Mundt <andi@debian.org>, 2019.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: libtifiles2 1.1.8\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: tilp-users@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-11-01 18:41+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-06-10 12:46+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Andreas B. Mundt <andi@debian.org>\n"
"Language-Team: German\n"
"Language: de\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"

#: src/error.c:58
msgid "Msg: unable to allocate memory (malloc)."
msgstr "Msg: kann Speicher nicht reservieren (malloc)."

#: src/error.c:60
msgid "Cause: memory too low ?"
msgstr "Grund: zu wenig Speicher?"

#: src/error.c:66
msgid "Msg: unable to open file."
msgstr "Msg: kann Datei nicht öffnen."

#: src/error.c:68 src/error.c:76
msgid "Cause: either the file does not exist, either there is no room."
msgstr "Grund: entweder existiert die Datei nicht, oder es ist kein Platz verfügbar."

#: src/error.c:74
msgid "Msg: unable to close file."
msgstr "Msg: kann Datei nicht schließen."

#: src/error.c:82
msgid "Msg: the size of a group file cannot exceed 64 KB."
msgstr "Msg: die Größe einer Gruppendatei darf 64 KB nicht überschreiten."

#: src/error.c:84
msgid "Cause: too many variables/data."
msgstr "Grund: zu viele Variablen/Data."

#: src/error.c:90
msgid "Msg: unknown calculator type."
msgstr "Msg: unbekannter Taschenrechner."

#: src/error.c:92
msgid "Cause: probably due to a bug, mail to: tilp-users@lists.sf.net."
msgstr "Grund: wahrscheinlich aufgrund eines Fehlers, kontaktiere tilp-users@lists.sf.net."

#: src/error.c:99
msgid "Msg: invalid file."
msgstr "Msg: ungültige Datei."

#: src/error.c:101
msgid "Cause: it's probably not a TI formatted file."
msgstr "Grund: wahrscheinlich handelt es sich nicht um eine TI-formatierte Datei."

#: src/error.c:107
msgid "Msg: checksum error."
msgstr "Msg: Prüfsummen-Fehler."

#: src/error.c:109
msgid "Cause: the file has an incorrect checksum and may be corrupted."
msgstr "Grund: die Datei hat eine ungültige Prüfsumme und ist möglicherweise korrupt."

#: src/error.c:115
msgid "Msg: (Un)Zip error."
msgstr "Msg: (Un)Zip Fehler."

#: src/error.c:117
msgid "Cause: unknown..."
msgstr "Grund: unbekannt..."

#: src/error.c:123
msgid "Msg: unsupported function."
msgstr "Msg: Funktion wird nicht unterstützt."

#: src/error.c:125
msgid "Cause: the function you attempted to use is not available."
msgstr "Grund: die gewählte Funktion ist nicht verfügbar."

#: src/error.c:131
msgid "Msg: I/O file error."
msgstr "Msg: I/O Datei Fehler."

#: src/error.c:133
msgid "Cause: file is corrupted or invalid."
msgstr "Grund: Datei ist korrupt oder ungültig."

#: src/error.c:139
msgid "Msg: invalid parameter."
msgstr "Msg: ungültiger Parameter."

#: src/error.c:141
msgid ""
"Cause: the program which uses this library is buggy. Fire-up the developer!"
msgstr ""
"Grund: Das Programm, das diese Bibliothek benützt, ist\n"
"Fehlerhaft. Kontaktiere den Entwickler!"

#: src/filetypes.c:1426 src/filetypes.c:1530 src/types68k.c:74
#: src/types83p.c:70 src/typesoldz80.c:75
msgid "OS upgrade"
msgstr "OS Upgrade"

#: src/filetypes.c:1436 src/filetypes.c:1540
msgid "TIGroup"
msgstr "Tigroup"

#: src/filetypes.c:1448 src/filetypes.c:1552
msgid "Group/Backup"
msgstr "Gruppe/Backup"

#: src/filetypes.c:1450 src/filetypes.c:1554
msgid "Group"
msgstr "Gruppe"

#: src/tifiles.c:88
#, c-format
msgid "tifiles library version %s"
msgstr "tifiles Bibliothek Version %s"

#: src/type2str.c:66 src/type2str.c:86
msgid "none     "
msgstr "keine    "

#: src/type2str.c:67 src/type2str.c:88
msgid "locked   "
msgstr "gesperrt "

#: src/type2str.c:68 src/type2str.c:90
msgid "archived "
msgstr "archiviert "

#: src/type2str.c:69 src/type2str.c:92
msgid "protected"
msgstr "geschützt"

#: src/type2str.c:111 src/type2str.c:135
msgid "single"
msgstr "single"

#: src/type2str.c:112 src/type2str.c:137
msgid "group"
msgstr "Gruppe"

#: src/type2str.c:113 src/type2str.c:139
msgid "regular"
msgstr "regulär"

#: src/type2str.c:114 src/type2str.c:141
msgid "backup"
msgstr "Backup"

#: src/type2str.c:115 src/type2str.c:149
msgid "tigroup"
msgstr "tigroup"

#: src/type2str.c:116 src/type2str.c:143
msgid "os"
msgstr "OS"

#: src/type2str.c:117 src/type2str.c:145
msgid "application"
msgstr "Anwendung"

#: src/type2str.c:118 src/type2str.c:147
msgid "flash"
msgstr "Flash"

#: src/type2str.c:119
msgid "unknown"
msgstr "unbekannt"

#: src/types68k.c:39
msgid "Expression"
msgstr "Ausdruck"

#: src/types68k.c:40 src/types68k.c:41 src/types68k.c:42 src/types68k.c:44
#: src/types68k.c:46 src/types68k.c:47 src/types68k.c:48 src/types68k.c:54
#: src/types68k.c:56 src/types68k.c:60 src/types68k.c:61 src/types68k.c:62
#: src/types68k.c:63 src/types68k.c:64 src/types68k.c:65 src/types68k.c:66
#: src/types68k.c:69 src/types68k.c:70 src/types68k.c:71 src/types68k.c:77
#: src/types68k.c:78 src/types68k.c:79 src/types68k.c:80 src/types68k.c:81
#: src/types68k.c:82 src/types68k.c:83 src/types68k.c:84 src/types68k.c:85
#: src/types68k.c:86 src/types83p.c:44 src/types83p.c:45 src/types83p.c:49
#: src/types83p.c:53 src/types83p.c:55 src/types83p.c:60 src/types83p.c:69
#: src/types83p.c:73 src/types83p.c:74 src/types83p.c:75 src/types83p.c:76
#: src/types83p.c:77 src/types83p.c:78 src/types83p.c:79 src/types83p.c:80
#: src/types83p.c:81 src/types83p.c:82 src/typesoldz80.c:49
#: src/typesoldz80.c:50 src/typesoldz80.c:53 src/typesoldz80.c:54
#: src/typesoldz80.c:58 src/typesoldz80.c:60 src/typesoldz80.c:61
#: src/typesoldz80.c:62 src/typesoldz80.c:63 src/typesoldz80.c:64
#: src/typesoldz80.c:65 src/typesoldz80.c:67 src/typesoldz80.c:68
#: src/typesoldz80.c:69 src/typesoldz80.c:70 src/typesoldz80.c:71
#: src/typesoldz80.c:72 src/typesoldz80.c:73 src/typesoldz80.c:74
#: src/typesoldz80.c:78 src/typesoldz80.c:79 src/typesoldz80.c:80
#: src/typesoldz80.c:81 src/typesoldz80.c:82 src/typesoldz80.c:83
#: src/typesoldz80.c:84 src/typesoldz80.c:85 src/typesoldz80.c:86
#: src/typesoldz80.c:87 src/typesoldz80.c:97 src/typesoldz80.c:102
#: src/typesoldz80.c:103 src/typesoldz80.c:109 src/typesoldz80.c:110
#: src/typesoldz80.c:111 src/typesoldz80.c:112 src/typesoldz80.c:113
#: src/typesoldz80.c:114 src/typesoldz80.c:115 src/typesoldz80.c:116
#: src/typesoldz80.c:117 src/typesoldz80.c:118 src/typesoldz80.c:119
#: src/typesoldz80.c:120 src/typesoldz80.c:121 src/typesoldz80.c:122
#: src/typesoldz80.c:123 src/typesoldz80.c:124 src/typesoldz80.c:125
#: src/typesoldz80.c:126 src/typesoldz80.c:127 src/typesoldz80.c:128
#: src/typesoldz80.c:129 src/typesoldz80.c:130 src/typesoldz80.c:131
#: src/typesoldz80.c:132 src/typesoldz80.c:133 src/typesoldz80.c:134
#: src/typesoldz80.c:135 src/typesoldz80.c:136 src/typesoldz80.c:137
#: src/typesoldz80.c:138 src/typesoldz80.c:139 src/typesoldz80.c:140
#: src/typesoldz80.c:155 src/typesoldz80.c:156 src/typesoldz80.c:157
#: src/typesoldz80.c:159 src/typesoldz80.c:160 src/typesoldz80.c:164
#: src/typesoldz80.c:166 src/typesoldz80.c:167 src/typesoldz80.c:168
#: src/typesoldz80.c:169 src/typesoldz80.c:170 src/typesoldz80.c:171
#: src/typesoldz80.c:172 src/typesoldz80.c:173 src/typesoldz80.c:174
#: src/typesoldz80.c:175 src/typesoldz80.c:176 src/typesoldz80.c:177
#: src/typesoldz80.c:178 src/typesoldz80.c:179 src/typesoldz80.c:180
#: src/typesoldz80.c:181 src/typesoldz80.c:182 src/typesoldz80.c:183
#: src/typesoldz80.c:184 src/typesoldz80.c:185 src/typesoldz80.c:186
#: src/typesoldz80.c:187 src/typesoldz80.c:188 src/typesoldz80.c:189
#: src/typesoldz80.c:190 src/typesoldz80.c:191 src/typesoldz80.c:192
#: src/typesoldz80.c:193 src/typesoldz80.c:210 src/typesoldz80.c:221
#: src/typesoldz80.c:227 src/typesoldz80.c:229 src/typesoldz80.c:230
#: src/typesoldz80.c:231 src/typesoldz80.c:232 src/typesoldz80.c:233
#: src/typesoldz80.c:234 src/typesoldz80.c:235 src/typesoldz80.c:236
#: src/typesoldz80.c:237 src/typesoldz80.c:238 src/typesoldz80.c:239
#: src/typesoldz80.c:240 src/typesoldz80.c:242 src/typesoldz80.c:243
#: src/typesoldz80.c:244 src/typesoldz80.c:245 src/typesoldz80.c:246
#: src/typesoldz80.c:263 src/typesoldz80.c:274 src/typesoldz80.c:280
#: src/typesoldz80.c:282 src/typesoldz80.c:283 src/typesoldz80.c:284
#: src/typesoldz80.c:285 src/typesoldz80.c:286 src/typesoldz80.c:287
#: src/typesoldz80.c:288 src/typesoldz80.c:289 src/typesoldz80.c:290
#: src/typesoldz80.c:291 src/typesoldz80.c:292 src/typesoldz80.c:293
#: src/typesoldz80.c:294 src/typesoldz80.c:295 src/typesoldz80.c:296
#: src/typesoldz80.c:297 src/typesoldz80.c:298 src/typesoldz80.c:299
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Unbekannt"

#: src/types68k.c:43 src/types83p.c:36 src/types83p.c:48 src/typesoldz80.c:41
#: src/typesoldz80.c:94 src/typesoldz80.c:147 src/typesoldz80.c:203
#: src/typesoldz80.c:256
msgid "List"
msgstr "Liste"

#: src/types68k.c:45 src/types83p.c:37 src/typesoldz80.c:42
#: src/typesoldz80.c:95 src/typesoldz80.c:148 src/typesoldz80.c:205
#: src/typesoldz80.c:258
msgid "Matrix"
msgstr "Matrix"

#: src/types68k.c:49
msgid "Data"
msgstr "Data"

#: src/types68k.c:50
msgid "Text"
msgstr "Text"

#: src/types68k.c:51 src/types83p.c:39 src/typesoldz80.c:44
#: src/typesoldz80.c:150 src/typesoldz80.c:211 src/typesoldz80.c:264
msgid "String"
msgstr "String"

#: src/types68k.c:52 src/types83p.c:43 src/typesoldz80.c:48
#: src/typesoldz80.c:101 src/typesoldz80.c:154 src/typesoldz80.c:212
#: src/typesoldz80.c:213 src/typesoldz80.c:214 src/typesoldz80.c:215
#: src/typesoldz80.c:265 src/typesoldz80.c:266 src/typesoldz80.c:267
#: src/typesoldz80.c:268
msgid "GDB"
msgstr "GDB"

#: src/types68k.c:53
msgid "Figure"
msgstr "Figur"

#: src/types68k.c:55 src/types83p.c:42 src/typesoldz80.c:47
#: src/typesoldz80.c:100 src/typesoldz80.c:153 src/typesoldz80.c:216
#: src/typesoldz80.c:269
msgid "Picture"
msgstr "Bild"

#: src/types68k.c:57 src/types83p.c:40 src/types83p.c:57 src/typesoldz80.c:45
#: src/typesoldz80.c:98 src/typesoldz80.c:151 src/typesoldz80.c:217
#: src/typesoldz80.c:270
msgid "Program"
msgstr "Programm"

#: src/types68k.c:58
msgid "Function"
msgstr "Funktion"

#: src/types68k.c:59
msgid "Macro"
msgstr "Makro"

#: src/types68k.c:67
msgid "Other (Zipped, etc.)"
msgstr "Anderes (Zipped, etc.)"

#: src/types68k.c:68 src/types83p.c:54 src/typesoldz80.c:59
#: src/typesoldz80.c:108 src/typesoldz80.c:165 src/typesoldz80.c:228
#: src/typesoldz80.c:281
msgid "Backup"
msgstr "Backup"

#: src/types68k.c:72 src/types83p.c:41 src/typesoldz80.c:46
#: src/typesoldz80.c:152
msgid "Asm Program"
msgstr "Asm Programm"

#: src/types68k.c:73
msgid "ID-LIST"
msgstr "ID-LIST"

#: src/types68k.c:75 src/types83p.c:71 src/typesoldz80.c:76
msgid "Application"
msgstr "Anwendung"

#: src/types68k.c:76 src/types83p.c:72 src/typesoldz80.c:77
msgid "Certificate"
msgstr "Zertifikat"

#: src/types83p.c:35 src/types83p.c:59 src/types83p.c:63 src/types83p.c:67
#: src/types83p.c:68 src/typesoldz80.c:40 src/typesoldz80.c:93
#: src/typesoldz80.c:146 src/typesoldz80.c:199 src/typesoldz80.c:252
msgid "Real"
msgstr "Real"

#: src/types83p.c:38 src/types83p.c:46 src/typesoldz80.c:43
#: src/typesoldz80.c:209 src/typesoldz80.c:262
msgid "Equation"
msgstr "Gleichung"

#: src/types83p.c:47 src/types83p.c:62 src/types83p.c:64 src/types83p.c:65
#: src/types83p.c:66 src/typesoldz80.c:52 src/typesoldz80.c:158
#: src/typesoldz80.c:200 src/typesoldz80.c:253
msgid "Complex"
msgstr "Komplex"

#: src/types83p.c:50 src/typesoldz80.c:51 src/typesoldz80.c:55
#: src/typesoldz80.c:104 src/typesoldz80.c:161 src/typesoldz80.c:222
#: src/typesoldz80.c:275 src/typesoldz80.c:276 src/typesoldz80.c:277
#: src/typesoldz80.c:278 src/typesoldz80.c:279
msgid "Window Setup"
msgstr "Window Setup"

#: src/types83p.c:51 src/typesoldz80.c:56 src/typesoldz80.c:105
#: src/typesoldz80.c:162 src/typesoldz80.c:226
msgid "Zoom"
msgstr "Zoom"

#: src/types83p.c:52 src/typesoldz80.c:57 src/typesoldz80.c:106
#: src/typesoldz80.c:163
msgid "Table Setup"
msgstr "Table Setup"

#: src/types83p.c:56 src/typesoldz80.c:66
msgid "App Var"
msgstr "App Var"

#: src/types83p.c:58
msgid "Group Var"
msgstr "Group Var"

#: src/types83p.c:61
msgid "Image"
msgstr "Bild"

#: src/typesnsp.c:33
msgid "Document"
msgstr "Dokument"

#: src/typesnsp.c:34 src/typesoldz80.c:220 src/typesoldz80.c:273
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Verzeichnis"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:96 src/typesoldz80.c:149 src/typesoldz80.c:241
msgid "Y-Var"
msgstr "Y-Var"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:99
msgid "Protected Program"
msgstr "Geschütztes Programm"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:107
msgid "LCD"
msgstr "LCD"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:201 src/typesoldz80.c:254
msgid "Vector"
msgstr "Vektor"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:202 src/typesoldz80.c:255
msgid "Complex Vector"
msgstr "Komplexer Vektor"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:204 src/typesoldz80.c:257
msgid "Complex List"
msgstr "Komplexe Liste"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:206 src/typesoldz80.c:259
msgid "Complex Matrix"
msgstr "Komplexe Matrix"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:207 src/typesoldz80.c:260
msgid "Constant"
msgstr "Konstante"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:208 src/typesoldz80.c:261
msgid "Complex Constant"
msgstr "Komplexe Konstante"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:218 src/typesoldz80.c:271
msgid "Range"
msgstr "Bereich"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:219 src/typesoldz80.c:272
msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Bildschirm"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:223
msgid "Polar"
msgstr "Polar"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:224
msgid "Parametric"
msgstr "Parametrisch"

#: src/typesoldz80.c:225
msgid "Diff Equ"
msgstr "Diff. Gleichung"
# German translations for libticables2 package.
# Copyright (C) 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the libticables2 package.
# Andreas B. Mundt <andi@debian.org>, 2019.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: libticables2 1.3.6\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: tilp-users@lists.sourceforge.net\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-11-06 12:06+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-06-07 21:03+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Andreas B. Mundt <andi@debian.org>\n"
"Language-Team: German\n"
"Language: de\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:138 src/linux/detect.c:179 src/macos/detect.c:138
#, c-format
msgid "can't open '%s'."
msgstr "kann '%s' nicht öffnen."

#: src/bsd/detect.c:172 src/linux/detect.c:213 src/macos/detect.c:172
#, c-format
msgid "    node %s: exists"
msgstr "    Knoten %s: existiert"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:176 src/linux/detect.c:217 src/macos/detect.c:176
#, c-format
msgid "    node %s: does not exist"
msgstr "    Knoten %s: existiert nicht"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:177 src/linux/detect.c:218 src/macos/detect.c:177
msgid "    => you will have to create the node."
msgstr "    => Sie müssen den Knoten erzeugen."

#: src/bsd/detect.c:184 src/linux/detect.c:225
#, c-format
msgid "    node %s: accessible"
msgstr "    Knoten %s: erreichbar"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:190 src/linux/detect.c:231 src/macos/detect.c:184
#, c-format
msgid "    permissions/user/group:%s%s %s"
msgstr "    Benutzerrechte/user/group:%s%s %s"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:203 src/linux/detect.c:244 src/macos/detect.c:197
msgid "    user can r/w on device: yes"
msgstr "    Benutzer kann auf Gerät schreiben/lesen: ja"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:204 src/bsd/detect.c:245 src/linux/detect.c:245
#: src/linux/detect.c:286
msgid "    => device is inaccessible for unknown reasons"
msgstr "    => Gerät ist aus unbekanntem Grund unerreichbar"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:209 src/linux/detect.c:250 src/macos/detect.c:202
msgid "    user can r/w on device: no"
msgstr "    Benutzer kann auf Gerät schreiben/lesen: nein"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:214 src/linux/detect.c:255 src/macos/detect.c:207
msgid "    others can r/w on device: yes"
msgstr "    andere können auf Gerät schreiben/lesen: ja"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:220 src/linux/detect.c:261 src/macos/detect.c:213
msgid "    others can r/w on device: no"
msgstr "    andere können auf Gerät schreiben/lesen: nein"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:227 src/linux/detect.c:268 src/macos/detect.c:220
#, c-format
msgid "    is the user '%s' in the group '%s': yes"
msgstr "    Ist der Benutzer '%s' in der Gruppe '%s': ja"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:232 src/linux/detect.c:273 src/macos/detect.c:225
#, c-format
msgid "    is the user '%s' in the group '%s': no"
msgstr "    Ist der Benutzer '%s' in der Gruppe '%s': nein"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:233 src/linux/detect.c:274 src/macos/detect.c:226
#, c-format
msgid "    => you should add your username at the group '%s' in '/etc/group'"
msgstr ""
"    => Sie sollten Ihren Benutzernamen zur Gruppe '%s' in '/etc/group' "

#: src/bsd/detect.c:234 src/linux/detect.c:275 src/macos/detect.c:227
msgid "    => you will have to restart your session, too"
msgstr "    => Sie müssen zusätzlich neu anmelden"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:253 src/linux/detect.c:294 src/macos/detect.c:245
#, c-format
msgid "Check for super-user access: %s"
msgstr "Überprüfen Sie Ihren Super-User Zugang: %s"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:263 src/linux/detect.c:308
msgid "Check for tty support:"
msgstr "Überprüfen Sie tty Unterstützung:"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:264 src/linux/detect.c:310
msgid "    tty support: available."
msgstr "    tty Unterstützung: verfügbar."

#: src/bsd/detect.c:267 src/linux/detect.c:317 src/macos/detect.c:253
msgid "Check for tty usability:"
msgstr "Überprüfen Sie tty Verfügbarkeit:"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:279 src/linux/detect.c:348 src/linux/detect.c:388
msgid "    is useable: yes"
msgstr "    benutzbar: ja"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:292 src/linux/detect.c:406 src/macos/detect.c:267
msgid "Check for libusb support:"
msgstr "Prüfe libusb Unterstützung:"

#: src/bsd/detect.c:294 src/linux/detect.c:408 src/macos/detect.c:269
msgid "    usb support: available."
msgstr "    USB-Unterstützung: verfügbar."

#: src/bsd/detect.c:297 src/linux/detect.c:410 src/macos/detect.c:272
msgid "    usb support: not compiled."
msgstr "USB-Unterstützung: nicht kompiliert."

#: src/error.c:67
msgid "Msg: link cable is busy."
msgstr "Msg: Link Kabel beschäftigt."

#: src/error.c:69
msgid "Cause: a transfer is in progress."
msgstr "Grund: laufende Übertragung."

#: src/error.c:75
msgid "Msg: unable to use parallel/serial port: access refused."
msgstr ""
"Msg: kann parallelen/seriellen Port nicht verwenden: Zugriff nicht erlaubt."

#: src/error.c:77
msgid "Cause: you are not running program as root or setuid root."
msgstr "Grund: Sie führen das Programm nicht als root oder setuid root aus."

#: src/error.c:83
msgid "Msg: unable to use serial (/dev/ttySx) device."
msgstr "Msg: Kann serielles Gerät (/dev/ttySx) nicht verwenden."

#: src/error.c:85
msgid ""
"Cause: the /dev/ttySx node doesn't exist or you don't have required "
"permissions. How to grant permission to devices to the user depends on the "
"distribution, it may involve adding the user to a group such as 'dialout' or "
"'uucp'. This can be done by editing /etc/group and add the username after "
"the ':'. Example: dialout:x:20:romain "
msgstr ""
"Grund: der Knoten /dev/ttySx existiert nicht oder Sie haben nicht die "
"benötigten Zugriffsrechte. Wie benötigte Zugriffsrechte vergeben werden "
"hängt von der Distribution ab, möglicherweise durch hinzufügen des Benutzers "
"zur Gruppe 'dialout' oder 'uucp'. Dies kann durch editieren von /etc/group "
"und hinzufügen des Benutzernamens nach ':'. Beispiel: dialout:x:20:romain "

#: src/error.c:97
msgid "Msg: unable to use parport (/dev/parportX) device."
msgstr "Msg: kann Gerät am parallelen Port (/dev/parportX) nicht benutzen."

#: src/error.c:99
msgid ""
"Cause: the /dev/parportX node doesn't exist or you don't have required "
"permissions. How to grant permission to devices to the user depends on the "
"distribution, it may involve adding the user to a group such as 'lp'. This "
"can be done by editing /etc/group and add the username after the ':'. "
"Example: lp:x:7:romain "
msgstr ""
"Grund: der Knoten /dev/parportX existiert nicht oder Sie haben nicht die "
"erforderlichen Berechtigungen. Wie benötigte Zugriffsrechte vergeben werden "
"hängt von der Distribution ab, möglicherweise durch hinzufügen des Benutzers "
"zur Gruppe 'lp'. Dies kann durch editieren von /etc/group und hinzufügen des "
"Benutzernamens nach ':'. Beispiel: lp:x:7:romain "

#: src/error.c:111
msgid "Msg: unable to use USB pseudo file system."
msgstr "Msg: kann USB pseudo Dateisystem nicht nutzen."

#: src/error.c:113
msgid ""
"Cause: the USB filesystem is not mounted or cannot access USB device because "
"current user doesn't have the necessary permissions. How to grant permission "
"to devices to the user depends on the distribution; it may involve adding "
"udev and/or pam_console configuration files, and you may in addition have to "
"add your user to a group such as 'usb' or set-up libusb mounting parameters."
"If packages of TiLP and its libraries for your distribution exist, it is "
"recommended to use those, as everything which can be configured "
"automatically will be set up for you. Otherwise, manual setup steps, if any, "
"are explained in the CONFIG file shipped with the ticables2 library. "
msgstr ""
"Grund: das USB Dateisystem ist nicht eingehängt oder auf das USB-Gerät kann "
"nicht zugegriffen werden weil der Benutzer nicht die benötigten Rechte hat. "
"Wie man die Zugriffsrechte ändert, hängt von der Distribution ab. "
"Möglicherweise müssen Änderungen an der Konfiguration von udev und/oder "
"pam_console  vorgenommen werden und zusätzlich der Benutzer in Gruppen wie "
"'usb' aufgenommen werden oder libusb Einhänge-Parameter müssen angepasst "
"werden. Wenn Pakete von TiLP und seinen Bibliotheken für Ihre Distribution "
"existieren wird empfohlen, diese zu verwenden, weil dann alles, soweit "
"möglich, automatisch eingerichtet wird. Ansonsten sind die manuellen "
"Schritte in der mit der ticables2 Bibliothek mitgelieferten CONFIG Datei "
"enthalten. "

#: src/error.c:130
msgid "Msg: illegal operation or argument."
msgstr "Msg: illegale Operation oder Argument."

#: src/error.c:132
msgid ""
"Cause: the program which uses this library is buggy. Fire-up the developer!"
msgstr ""
"Grund: das Programm welches diese Bibliothek nutzt ist fehlerhaft. "
"Kontaktiere den Entwickler!"

#: src/error.c:138
msgid "Msg: DhaHelper driver and/or library not found."
msgstr "Msg: DhaHelper-Treiber und/oder Bibliothek nicht gefunden."

#: src/error.c:140 src/error.c:148
msgid ""
"Cause: the driver may have been not started yet; it may have been "
"uninstalled; the library has been installed without administrator privileges."
msgstr ""
"Grund: der Treiber ist möglicherweise noch nicht geladen, ist deinstalliert, "
"oder die Bibliothek ist ohne Administratorrechte installiert."

#: src/error.c:146
msgid "Msg: RwPorts driver and/or library not found."
msgstr "Msg: RwPorts-Treiber und/oder Bibliothek nicht gefunden."

#: src/error.c:154
msgid "Msg: error occured while writing to the device."
msgstr "Msg: Fehler beim schreiben auf das Gerät."

#: src/error.c:159
msgid "Msg: timeout occured while writing to the device."
msgstr "Msg: Timeout beim schreiben auf das Gerät."

#: src/error.c:161 src/error.c:174
msgid "Cause: check that link cable is plugged and/or the calculator is ready."
msgstr ""
"Grund: Überprüfe ob das Link-Kabel eingesteckt und/oder der Rechner bereit "

#: src/error.c:167
msgid "Msg: error occured while reading from the device."
msgstr "Msg: Fehler beim Lesen vom Gerät."

#: src/error.c:172
msgid "Msg: timeout occured while reading from the device."
msgstr "Msg: Timeout beim Lesen vom Gerät."

#: src/error.c:180
msgid "Msg: the probing of device failed."
msgstr "Msg: Ansprechen des Geräts fehlgeschlagen."

#: src/error.c:182
msgid "Cause: internal error. If you get it, this is a bug!"
msgstr "Grund: Interner Fehler. Dieser Fehler ist ein Bug!"

#: src/error.c:195
msgid "Msg: unable to open serial port."
msgstr "Msg: kann seriellen Port nicht öffnen."

#: src/error.c:197
msgid "Cause: check that device is not used/locked by another application."
msgstr ""
"Grund: prüfe ob das Gerät nicht anderweitig von einem Programm benutzt/"
"gesperrt ist."

#: src/error.c:205
msgid "Msg: failed to get VTI handle."
msgstr "Msg: VTI-handle nicht erhalten."

#: src/error.c:207
msgid "Cause: VTI may not be running. VTI must be launched before."
msgstr ""
"Grund: VTI läuft möglicherweise nicht. VTI muss vorher gestartet werden."

#: src/error.c:217
msgid "Msg: unable to get a unique IPC (Inter Process Communication) key."
msgstr ""
"Msg: kann eindeutigen IPC (Inter Process Communication) Schlüssel nicht "

#: src/error.c:219
msgid ""
"Cause: check that you have enough resources for allocating a shared memory "
msgstr ""
"Grund: Prüfe, dass genügend Ressourcen für ein 'shared memory segment' "
"bereit stehen."

#: src/error.c:226
msgid "Msg: unable to open/close pipes for virtual linking."
msgstr "Msg: kann Pipes für virtuelles Verbinden nicht öffnen/schließen."

#: src/error.c:228
msgid ""
"Cause: check that you have permissions to create a pipe in the /tmp "
msgstr ""
"Grund: Prüfe, dass Berechtigungen zum Erstellen einer Pipe im /tmp "
"Verzeichnis vorliegen."

#: src/error.c:235
msgid "Msg: unable to open serial device."
msgstr "Msg: kann serielles Gerät nicht öffnen."

#: src/error.c:237 src/error.c:246
msgid ""
"Cause: check that you have permissions on /dev/ttySx device. Check that "
"device is not locked."
msgstr ""
"Grund: Prüfe die Berechtigungen für das Gerät /dev/ttySx. Prüfe, dass das "
"Gerät nicht gesperrt ist."

#: src/error.c:244
msgid "Msg: unable to issue a specific command on serial device."
msgstr "Msg: kann spezifisches Kommando nicht auf dem Gerät ausführen."

#: src/error.c:252
msgid "Msg: unable to open parallel device."
msgstr "Msg: kann paralleles Gerät nicht öffnen."

#: src/error.c:254 src/error.c:262
msgid ""
"Cause: check that you have permissions on /dev/parportX device. Check that "
"device is not locked."
msgstr ""
"Grund: prüfe, dass Berechtigungen für das Gerät /dev/parportX vorliegen. "
"Prüfe, dass das Gerät nicht gesperrt ist."

#: src/error.c:260
msgid "Msg: unable to issue a specific command on parallel device."
msgstr ""
"Msg: kann spezifisches Kommando auf dem parallelen Gerät nicht ausführen."

#: src/error.c:268
msgid "Msg: unable to find the libusb-win32 driver."
msgstr "Msg: kann Treiber für libusb-win32 nicht finden."

#: src/error.c:270
msgid "Cause: the driver is not present and/or installed."
msgstr "Grund: der Treiber ist nicht vorhanden und/oder installiert."

#: src/error.c:278
msgid "Msg: failed to open the USB device."
msgstr "Msg: Öffnen des USB-Geräts fehlgeschlagen."

#: src/error.c:280
msgid ""
"Cause: Check that the USB cable is plugged in and that the calculator is "
"turned ON! Also, check libusb and usbfs for valid permissions."
msgstr ""
"Grund: Prüfen Sie das USB-Kabel und dass der Taschenrechner angeschaltet "
"ist! Prüfen Sie zusätzlich die Zugriffsrechte für libusb und usbfs."

#: src/error.c:286
msgid "Msg: unable to reset USB device."
msgstr "Msg: kann USB-Gerät nicht zurücksetzen."

#: src/error.c:288
msgid ""
"Cause: Check that cable is connected or not stalled. Try to unplug/plug it."
msgstr ""
"Grund: Prüfen Sie, dass das Kabel angeschlossen ist. Versuchen Sie es aus- "
"und einzustecken."

#: src/error.c:294
msgid "Msg: attempting to use a cable which has not been open before."
msgstr ""
"Msg: versuche ein Kabel zu verwenden, das zuvor noch nicht verwendet wurde."

#: src/error.c:296
msgid "Cause: Internal error."
msgstr "Grund: Interner Fehler."

#: src/error.c:302
msgid "Msg: no cable found."
msgstr "Msg: Kein Kabel gefunden."

#: src/error.c:304
msgid "Cause: probing failed or invalid parameters."
msgstr "Grund: Fehler beim Ansprechen des Geräts oder ungültige Parameter."

#: src/error.c:310
msgid "Msg: DLL not found."
msgstr "Msg: DLL nicht gefunden."

#: src/error.c:312
msgid "Cause: maybe you renamed the DLL ?"
msgstr "Grund: Vielleicht wurde die DLL umbenannt?"

#: src/error.c:318
msgid "Msg: this cable does not support raw I/O."
msgstr "Msg: dieses Kabel unterstützt kein raw I/O."

#: src/error.c:320
msgid "Cause: unsupported operation type on cable."
msgstr "Grund: nicht unterstützte Operation auf dem Kabel."

#: src/error.c:329
msgid "Msg: unable to open/close sockets for virtual linking."
msgstr "Msg: kann Socket für virtuelles Verbinden nicht öffnen/schließen."

#: src/error.c:331
msgid "Cause: check that you have permissions to open sockets."
msgstr "Grund: Prüfe, dass Sie die Berechtigung zum Öffnen von Sockets haben."

#: src/link_nul.c:119
msgid "Dummy link"
msgstr "Dummy Link"

#: src/link_nul.c:120
msgid "Dummy link used when no cable is set"
msgstr "Dummy Link wird benutzt wenn kein Kabel gesetzt ist"

#: src/link_nul.c:136
msgid "Dummy link for TiEmu"
msgstr "Dummy Link für TiEmu"

#: src/link_nul.c:137
msgid "Internal Link Port cable for TiEmu (internal use)"
msgstr "Internal Link Port Kabel für TiEmu (interne Benutzung)"

#: src/linux/detect.c:312
msgid "    tty support: not compiled."
msgstr "    tty Unterstützung: nicht kompiliert."

#: src/linux/detect.c:320
msgid "not usable"
msgstr "nicht benutzbar"

#: src/linux/detect.c:329
#, c-format
msgid "unable to open serial device '%s'"
msgstr "kann serielles Gerät '%s' nicht nutzen"

#: src/linux/detect.c:336
#, c-format
msgid "Error running TIOCGSERIAL ioctl on device %s - %s"
msgstr "Fehler TIOCGSERIAL ioctl auf Gerät %s - %s auszuführen"

#: src/linux/detect.c:343 src/linux/detect.c:383
msgid "    is useable: no"
msgstr "    ist verwendbar: nein"

#: src/linux/detect.c:359
msgid "Check for parport support:"
msgstr "Überprüfe parport Unterstützung:"

#: src/linux/detect.c:361
msgid "    parport support: available."
msgstr "    parport Unterstützung: vorhanden."

#: src/linux/detect.c:363
msgid "    parport support: not compiled."
msgstr "    parport Unterstützung: nicht kompiliert."

#: src/linux/detect.c:368
msgid "Check for parport usability:"
msgstr "Prüfe parport Verfügbarkeit:"

#: src/linux/detect.c:414
msgid "Check for libusb usability:"
msgstr "Prüfe Verfügbarkeit von libusb:"

#: src/linux/detect.c:418 src/linux/detect.c:429 src/linux/detect.c:437
#: src/linux/detect.c:440
#, c-format
msgid "    usb filesystem (%s): %s"
msgstr "    USB Dateisystem (%s): %s"

#: src/linux/detect.c:446
#, c-format
msgid "    usb filesystem (/[proc|dev]/bus/usb): %s"
msgstr "    USB Datesystem (/[proc|dev]/bus/usb): %s"

#: src/linux/detect.c:447
msgid "    => you must have udev or usbfs support."
msgstr "    => Sie benötigen udev oder usbfs Unterstützung."

#: src/linux/detect.c:448
msgid "    => take a look at the ticables2/CONFIG file."
msgstr "    => schauen Sie die Datei ticables2/CONFIG."

#: src/linux/ioports.c:71
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't claim exclusive access."
msgstr "ioctl auf paralleles Gerät fehlgeschlagen: kein exklusiver Zugriff."

#: src/linux/ioports.c:78
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't claim parport."
msgstr ""
"ioctl auf dem parallelen Gerät funktioniert nicht: kann parport nicht "

#: src/linux/ioports.c:87
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't change transfer mode."
msgstr ""
"ioctl auf dem parallelen Gerät funktioniert nicht: kann Transfermodus nicht "

#: src/linux/ioports.c:99
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't release parport."
msgstr ""
"ioctl auf dem parallelen Gerät funktioniert nicht: kann parport nicht lösen."

#: src/linux/ioports.c:113
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't read status lines."
msgstr ""
"ioctl auf dem parallelen Gerät funktioniert nicht: kann Status nicht lesen."

#: src/linux/ioports.c:124
msgid "ioctl failed on parallel device: can't write on data lines."
msgstr ""
"ioctl auf parallelem Gerät funktioniert nicht: kann keine Daten schreiben."

#: src/linux/ioports.c:163 src/linux/ioports.c:179
msgid "ioctl failed on serial device."
msgstr "ioctl auf seriellem Gerät funktioniert nicht."

#: src/linux/link_gry.c:116
#, c-format
msgid "unable to open this serial port: %s (wrong permissions).\n"
msgstr "kann seriellen Port nicht öffnen: %s (falsche Berechtigungen).\n"

#: src/linux/link_gry.c:120
#, c-format
msgid "unable to open this serial port: %s\n"
msgstr "kann diesen seriellen Port nicht öffnen: %s\n"

#: src/linux/link_gry.c:318 src/linux/link_par.c:379 src/linux/link_tcpc.c:102
#: src/linux/link_tcps.c:102 src/linux/link_ser.c:395 src/win32/link_gry2.c:368
#: src/win32/link_gry.c:374 src/win32/link_par.c:374 src/win32/link_ser.c:403
#, c-format
msgid "unable to set device %s.\n"
msgstr "kann %s Gerät nicht setzen.\n"

#: src/linux/link_gry.c:329 src/win32/link_gry2.c:379 src/win32/link_gry.c:385
msgid "GrayLink"
msgstr "GrauLink"

#: src/linux/link_gry.c:330 src/win32/link_gry2.c:380 src/win32/link_gry.c:386
msgid "GrayLink serial cable"
msgstr "GrauLink serielles Kabel"

#: src/linux/link_par.c:390 src/win32/link_par.c:385
msgid "Parallel"
msgstr "Parallel"

#: src/linux/link_par.c:391 src/win32/link_par.c:386
msgid "Home-made parallel cable"
msgstr "Home-made paralleles Kabel"

#: src/linux/link_tcpc.c:113
msgid "TCPC"
msgstr "TCPC"

#: src/linux/link_tcpc.c:114
msgid "Virtual TCP client link"
msgstr "Virtuller TCP Client Link"

#: src/linux/link_tcps.c:113
msgid "TCPS"
msgstr "TCPS"

#: src/linux/link_tcps.c:114
msgid "Virtual TCP server link"
msgstr "Virtueller TCP Server Link"

#: src/linux/link_ser.c:406 src/win32/link_ser.c:414
msgid "BlackLink"
msgstr "SchwarzerLink"

#: src/linux/link_ser.c:407 src/win32/link_ser.c:415
msgid "BlackLink or home-made serial cable"
msgstr "SchwarzerLink oder home-made serielles Kabel"

#: src/linux/link_tie.c:155
#, c-format
msgid "error: %s\n"
msgstr "Fehler: %s\n"

#: src/linux/link_tie.c:354 src/win32/link_tie.c:370
msgid "TiEmu"
msgstr "TiEmu"

#: src/linux/link_tie.c:355 src/win32/link_tie.c:371
msgid "Virtual link for TiEmu"
msgstr "Virtueller Link für TiEmu"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:257
#, c-format
msgid " found %s on #%i, version <%x.%02x>\n"
msgstr " %s on #%i, version <%x.%02x> gefunden\n"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:284
msgid " no devices found!\n"
msgstr " kein Gerät gefunden!\n"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:899 src/linux/link_usb.c:1123
msgid "SilverLink"
msgstr "SilverLink"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:900 src/linux/link_usb.c:1124
msgid "SilverLink (TI-GRAPH LINK USB) cable"
msgstr "SilverLink (TI-GRAPH LINK USB) Kabel"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:916 src/linux/link_usb.c:1140
msgid "DirectLink"
msgstr "DirectLink"

#: src/linux/link_usb1.c:917 src/linux/link_usb.c:1141
msgid "DirectLink (DIRECT USB) cable"
msgstr "DirectLink (DIRECT USB) Kabel"

#: src/linux/link_usb.c:362
#, c-format
msgid "usb_find_busses (%s).\n"
msgstr "usb_find_busses (%s).\n"

#: src/linux/link_usb.c:370
#, c-format
msgid "usb_find_devices (%s).\n"
msgstr "usb_find_devices (%s).\n"

#: src/linux/link_usb.c:378
msgid "no devices found!\n"
msgstr "kein Gerät gefunden!\n"

#: src/linux/link_vti.c:241 src/win32/link_vti.c:331
msgid "Virtual TI"
msgstr "Virtual TI"

#: src/linux/link_vti.c:242 src/win32/link_vti.c:332
msgid "Virtual link for VTi"
msgstr "Virtueller Link für VTi"

#: src/probe.c:114
msgid "Link cable probing:"
msgstr "Link Kabel Verbindungsaufbau:"

#: src/ticables.c:176
#, c-format
msgid "ticables library version %s"
msgstr "ticables Bibliothek Version %s"

#: src/ticables.c:550
msgid "Link cable handle details:"
msgstr "Link Kabel handle Details:"

#: src/ticables.c:551
#, c-format
msgid "  model   : %s"
msgstr "  Modell   : %s"

#: src/ticables.c:552
#, c-format
msgid "  port    : %s"
msgstr "  Port    : %s"

#: src/ticables.c:553
#, c-format
msgid "  timeout : %2.1fs"
msgstr "  Timeout : %2.1fs"

#: src/ticables.c:554
#, c-format
msgid "  delay   : %i us"
msgstr "  Delay   : %i us"

#: src/ticables.c:557
#, c-format
msgid "  device  : %s"
msgstr "  Gerät  : %s"

#: src/ticables.c:558
#, c-format
msgid "  address : 0x%03x"
msgstr "  Adresse : 0x%03x"

#: src/win32/link_vti.c:108
msgid "FATAL ERROR: unable to get an handle on the ticables-2 library."
msgstr "FATALER FEHLER: kann handle für ticables-2 Bibliothek nicht bekommen."

#: src/win32/link_vti.c:109
msgid "Did you rename the library ?!"
msgstr "Haben Sie die Bibliothek umbenannt?!"

#: src/win32/link_vti.c:144
#, c-format
msgid "Opened %s"
msgstr "Geöffnet %s"

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