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Re: Translation Review Request

Hi Matt,

On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 09:14:29PM +1200, Matt Brown wrote:
> I am the maintainer of the PHPwiki package. When I adopted the package
> it came along with some updates to the German translations provided in
> the upstream package.

Yep, these are my updates :-)
> I'd like to send these upstream so that I no longer have to review the
> patch, but I have no idea what the nature of the changes are. If someone
> could have a look over the attached patch and make sure it is sensible
> and give me a short description of the nature of the changes (I'm
> assuming they're just gramatical) it would be much appreciated.

The changes are trivial but hard to read in the patch because of the long long
lines. All the patch contains are a few s/daß/dass/ substitutions. This is
required to conform with the new German orthography (which is valid since 1997?).

I wonder that you haven't send this patch already to upstream as you have done
with my de.po patch (#313815).


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