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Re: Apology to german users required in the release notes

> Frankly, I am getting tired of discussing this issue. I can't understand 
> why you, gotom, are that stubborn and can't respect a decision taken by 
> the German translation team. You already stated at the very beginning 
> of this bug report, that you find it "not well inspected" [6]... To me 
> your reluctance rather seems like a personal/social quirk. It's a 
> pity :-( I am sorry that I have to say that, I don't intend to offend 

Well, I must say that even if you're right (you seem), yes you should
be sorry for saying that. I've been lucky enough for meeting Masanori
Goto at Debconf and I never felt him as a stubborn guy.  We even quite
widely discussed about the addition of new locales to Debian and I
felt him quite well opened to enhancements in this field....as well as
very aware of the hidden implications of locales changes.

Certainly very careful at working on his tasks in Debian. Maybe too
careful in your opinion but certainly not stubborn. 

Changing the behaviour of the german locale is certainly something
that should not be done without deep thinking. The german team seems
to have done this with the help of others like Denis. That's fine.

Re-opening this issue was probably a good idea and re-trying to
convince gotom also. But this can probably be done without falling
into personal stuff, imho.

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