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Re: Debian Reference FR translation updates


On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 04:57:12PM +0100, Alexandre Hoïde wrote:
>   Now, especially since anonscm.debian.org is down, could you possibly
> remerge with my latest RFR2 [¹] version, so I can cleanly proceed with the

Done.  Auto merge yielded 15 fuzzys.  I fixed most of them easily and
now only 4 fuzzys.  (This is partly because I added "a" to English
following "une" in French.)

Since git is down, I put updated po at

These 4 fuzzys are:
 * 2 cases of "interface" -> "interfaces"
 * one rephrasing for clarity
 * one "good idea" -> "good ideas"

Can you help me fixing these.



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