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Re: Quel avenir pour la version française des pages de manuel Linux ?

> > Anything based on direct changes in English manpages requires a
> > *constant* commitment. Otherwise, I guess that, at some moment, one
> > might have hard times coping back with the upstream changes.
> One of the things that Alain has striven to do is a 1-to-1 release for
> the upstream English version  So for each English 2.xy and 3.xy there
> is a corresponding French n.xy version.  At first, I thought Alain was
> mistaken to do this.  But now I see it as a virtue, since:
> a) Any distribution can pluck out the French tarball corresponding to
> the English traball they are also distributing in a particular
> release.
> b) Alain in effect is reviewing each of my releases, and providing
> much useful feedback to me about things to fix.
> Of course, this work style could be compatible with the Debian tools,
> if everyone could agree on that approach.

That would definitely be *still possible*. The additionnal benefit I
see is that I think the use of gettext would make missing one or a few
releases less difficult to cope with ("moins difficile de rattraper le

> > at some moment, translators will be again able to cope back
> > with changes and re-update.
> >
> > As a technical start (mostly for people who are reading this thread
> > and didn't talk yet because they're not on holidays like me....or
> > doing their paid work like you), do you currently work in a VCS
> > system, ie something that could be checked out by a motivated person
> > so that (s)he can propose a patch to switch the manpages build system
> > to po4a?
> I use SVN, but that's just for my own bookkeeping.  The repository is
> not public.  Sometime in the next few months, I aim to switch to a
> public git repository.

The VCS itself is not really *that* important. More important is
(imho) the fact the the work is done in a public place, to allow
someone working on the gettextization infrastructure to first biuld a
patch to enable it in the build system....and then keep up with this.

Anyway, I think we should both take care now to....wait for others to
speak up:

- I am on holiday with free time and you are (currently) paid for
  the task so we can both be fairly vocal right now

- I can't speak for all other Debian people. I am in no way their
representative even though sometimes people think of /me as is, when
it comes at i18n

- Alain is by far the more concerned by all this and we (Michael and
I) both have been fairly vocal last 2 days.....we need to leave him
some time to read all this and comment (sorry, Alain, I followed up in
English even though Michael told me I can continue in French if I
prefer but, even though my English is....sometimes clumsy....it is my
most often used communcation language when it comes at Debian and
related work).

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