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Re: Quel avenir pour la version française des pages de manuel Linux ?

> > At the beginning, we would have two sets of PO files:
> > - those converted from Alain's work
> > - those in Debian
> >
> > Then, file by file, both "parties" would need to examine the diff and
> > do what's needed to reduce it to zero, if possible.
> Would the Debian folk have the time to take on part, maybe even most,
> of that work?

Hard to say that in advance because it needs to estimate the amount of
time that people I have no "control" over can put in this...:-)

I think we certainly could put some time on this, for sure.

> >> And I can't resist asking: which of these options could each side
> >> consider as viable?
> >
> > I think that b) is the most reasonable, indeed. I fully understand
> > that, saying so, we're saying "switch to PO" to Alain....:-)
> There is one more piece in all of this: even if the teams can combine
> their efforts, can they keep up with me.  You are all volunteers (I
> assume); currently I'm working full time on man-pages.  Alain
> estimates that each of my weekly releases typically requires two days
> of translation work.  Obviously, that is unsustainable for him.  But
> equally obviously, if it is unsustainable for you all when sharing the
> work as a team, then there's little point in encouraging Alain to go
> through the work of switching to new tools.

Which is maybe another argument for a gettext+po4a-based translation

Anything based on direct changes in English manpages requires a
*constant* commitment. Otherwise, I guess that, at some moment, one
might have hard times coping back with the upstream changes.

With a gettext-based system and, assuming that we can achieve an i18n
system that allows *you* to easily regenerate PO files for every
change you do (or on a daily basis or so) and then offer them for
translation on an easy-to-access system (such as Pootle), when the
translation teams can't cope with your changes, the PO file(s)
statistics will just decrease....but the reconciliation will be still
possible....when the translator is ready again (or back from vacation,
or whatever...).

Of course, that will not change the "données de base": the amount of
changes you're doing is not sustainable for translators *at this very
moment*. Of course, I suspect you'll not keep the same rhythm during
years so, at some moment, translators will be again able to cope back
with changes and re-update.

As a technical start (mostly for people who are reading this thread
and didn't talk yet because they're not on holidays like me....or
doing their paid work like you), do you currently work in a VCS
system, ie something that could be checked out by a motivated person
so that (s)he can propose a patch to switch the manpages build system
to po4a?

That could be used as a live demo of the system I'm thinking about,

You --> changes in English --> regenerate PO files --> commit to VCS
--> Debian Pootle

Translators --> commit to Pootle --> Pootle commits to VCS

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