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Please correct (upstream|english) errors as well

the French team is highly efficiently translating a huge amount of
Debian related documentation, be it the website, po(-debconf) files,
man pages, ... - often the French team is at the forefront, being the
first non-English language to appear.

While this is very laudable, I would like to ask the French team to
consider correcting errors in the original files as well. As an
example (and I don't want to single out a certain person, this is just
one case) I recently translated a large file on the Debian web pages.
It contained several severe mistakes (lines printed doubly in the
original, missing closing tags) which a serious translator could not

If your cabable team corrects those obvious mistakes[1], then teams with
less (wo)manpower than French have it easier once they come around
translating those files into their respective language. Some "teams"
are a single person only!

And yes, I know a member of the French team, who is constantly handing
in corrections and is very active getting l10n/i18n done for Debian.
So please consider this mail just as a nice reminder for your team as
a whole to have that in mind and reportbug & frinds handy, when

Thanks & Best greetings from the German team.

Happy translating, you'll achieve 101% for sure!



[1] Often a simple (report)bug which request a clarification is
    enough, so strange phrases are cought while the maintainer/author
    double checks for the proper fix.
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