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Re: lurker 2.1-10: Please update debconf PO translation for the package lurker

Quoting Jonas Meurer (jonas@freesources.org):
> Hey,
> for fr.po from lurker, Florentin Duneau <f.baced@wanadoo.fr> is listed
> as last translater. Unfortunately, this email adress bounces.

Taking it over...

> #. Type: multiselect
> #. Choices
> #: ../templates:1001
> msgid "apache, apache2, apache-ssl, apache-perl"
> msgstr "Apache, Apache2, Apache-ssl, Apache-perl"
> #. Type: multiselect
> #. Description
> #: ../templates:1002
> msgid "Servers that you would like to be configured automatically:"
> msgstr "Serveurs web à configurer automatiquement:"

apache, apache-ssl, apache-perl are no longer in lenny. Is there a
reason to still keep such obsolete prompting?

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