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Re: Please update debconf PO translation for the package msttcorefonts 2.0

[I've already sent out a new request due to a mistake I discovered in the
templates file (which was present even before I adopted it... strange it
never got uncovered. Anyway...]

On Thu, April 19, 2007 22:01, Christian Perrier wrote:
>> #. Type: note
>> #. Description
>> #: ../templates:4001
>> msgid "msttcorefonts uses defoma" msgstr "Msttcorefonts utilise defoma"
> Well, IMHO such note pertains to README.Debian, not debconf. I would
> call it debconf abuse....Anyway:

It was appearently deemed important enough to make it a high priority note
in the past, because for a large majority of users this step is necessary.

>> #. Type: note
>> #. Description
>> #: ../templates:4001
>> #, fuzzy
>> msgid "" "Msttcorefonts uses the DEbian FOnt MAnager (defoma). If you
>> wish to use the " "fonts provided by this package under the X Window
>> System, you must configure "
>> "it to use defoma fonts."
>> msgstr "" "Msttcorefonts utilise le gestionnaire de polices Debian
>> (« DEbian FOnt "
>> "MAnager -- defoma »). Si vous souhaitez utiliser ces polices dans "
>> "l'environnement graphique (le système d'affichage X Window), il est "
>> "nécessaire de configurer ce système afin qu'il utilise defoma."
> I don't really understand what changed (/me dreams of --previous being
> used in po-debconf, which shoul dhappen soon).

The word "now" was dropped.

> It seems that this string is the only one that got fuzzied. I wonder
> whether the translations could have been unfuzzied.

As I said in the mail requesting updates, I manually unfuzzied all others,
but a review of those strings could still be in order in case I made a
mistake there. Plus I do know some French but still rather leave making
even small changes like dropping one word to the native speakers.


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